Saturday, August 27, 2011

Pics From the Wedding 8-26-11

It was simply the prettiest night in Seattle for a wedding. 80 degrees at 6 pm, sun shinning, the bride was beautiful, the groom was handsome, it was just perfect. And they seemed to fully enjoy themselves. After the vows, the all danced back down the isle. it was fun and totally fit them.

This wedding was for Scott's co-worker, (Scott has known Chuckie since he, Chuckie, was 13 years old). It was a big deal to me that I looked good for this wedding. As I said in the previous post, Scott's Co-workers knew me when I was fat ( yes, I say that) so anytime we have a function with them, I always make sure I look my best. Scott's Boss, who also happens to be Chuckies dad, told me " You look gorgeous , Tami" . Mission accomplished.

Scott had told me last week that I would be the hottest chick there ( next to the bride) , and last night when I was walking towards him he told me " You look like a movie star" And later he said, " what did I tell you, You are the hottest one here" <3 He is never short on compliments.

Onto my reset button that I hit last week, I feel renewed, and wonderful. my body is happy I hit it and responding nicely. my scale is exactly where it belongs, back to my lowest , and I will be happy when I lose a few more. I want a flat stomach, I do, I am not gonna lie, And I will keep going till it is flat. I really think it will only take a few pounds.

And I am leaving you with what Alec, Brett, Jake and I are doing next Saturday. We are climbing the REI Rock wall, I am so excited to do this with them, a little nervous, but I cant wait to do this with the boys!!

Have A Happy Healthy Week!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Reset button

I totally hit mine on Sunday.. Did you know you had one to? We all do, and sometimes you just need to find it !

I have come to the conclusion that summers are my killer. Last summer I didnt lose for the entire summer, I totally blamed it on fruit ( I am blaming this summer on fruit as well, and the drinks) I love fruit, but like many of us, I sometimes think cause its fruit , I can eat as much as I want. So not true, and even when I stay within my calorie goal for the day, my carbs and sugar, ( as 'natural' as it may be) are out of control. And my body is not a fan. This summer I have struggled with 5 pounds, I gain I lose I gain I lose. Every week. and I hate it . I dont want to be there, always thinking about it. I know I what I need to do.

So I have nixed it all, expect berries, cause they are the best and they are great in my greek yogurt.

I already feel wonderful and totally as if I found and hit my "reset button"

Just in time for a big wedding this Friday for Scott's co worker. I want to look amazing , I really enjoy "wowing" all the men that Scott works with, they all knew me before the weight loss, so I totally enjoy wowing them.

Have a Happy and Healthy Week! I will post pics this weekend from the wedding .

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Orthorexia: An Unhealthy Obsession With Good Food

I saw this article on facebook on Friday, and wanted to read it.. I thought for a brief moment that I may have this... that was BEFORE I read the signs. And while I do for sure think about food at least 3 hours a day. ( # 8) I do allow myselfs treats.. maybe too often. I can EASILY see how this is something that people can have, I can also EASILY see that this is something I could have. ( I can also EASILY say that I am sure some people think I have this) . But I can say, no, this is not me..... if it was, I dont think I would still drink wine . ;)

Orthorexia: An Unhealthy Obsession With Good Food

Please welcome Registered Nutritionist, Nicola Graham from Eat Well NZ, to Dietriffic today, by leaving her a comment below and getting involved in the discussion ~ Melanie

Organic, raw food, gluten free, vegan and low sodium. Is this just a super healthy diet, or is it something else?

While it’s great to be into healthy eating, like everything, you can take it too far. When healthy eating becomes an unhealthy obsession, it’s bad for your body, mind and relationships.

Orthorexia is a condition where healthy eating becomes an obsession, and eating healthy food becomes the key thing in determining your self worth. Often, eating becomes extremely rigid, and only a limited number of foods are acceptable to eat.

In orthorexia, healthy eating isn’t healthy any more because the diet becomes so restricted, that a number of essential nutrients are lacking. Relationships can suffer, too, as orthorexics often avoid socialising because it may interfere with their dietary regimen

Here are 8 signs that your healthy eating might be an unhealthy obsession:

1. You Experience Guilt

You have feelings of self-loathing and guilt when you eat foods that don’t match your criteria for healthy eating.

2. You Avoid Socializing

Your food habits mean you avoid social events and meals away from home as much as you possibly can.

3. You Obsess Over What To Eat

You find yourself obsessing and worrying about food, and if what you are eating is healthy or “correct” all of the time.

4. You Avoid Certain Foods

You have very ridged eating patterns by choice, and avoid a large number of foods or food components to keep in line with your rules.

5. You Take Pleasure In Food Rules

You take more pleasure from knowing that your food meets all of your food rules, than you get from actually eating.

6. You Find Breaking Your Rules Stressful

You become stressed and anxious in a situation where you may have to break your criteria for healthy eating.

7. You Don’t Allow Treats

You completely avoid all, or most, of the foods you used to love eating.

8. You Are Constantly Thinking About Food

You spend more than three hours each day thinking about food.

If this sounds like you, or someone you know, I urge you to get in contact with your doctor for help and support to get back to a more balanced way of eating

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Totally Blog Worthy Day!

Today is Sam's 9th Birthday. My baby is 9 ! So crazy how the time goes so fast. Scott and Sam and I went to Family Fun Center in Tukwila. And we did it all, mini golf, go karts, bumper boats, giant sling shot , laser tag, ( My Team won, and I had the highest score, oh yeah) and bumper boats again. I can honestly say, that had this been 3 years ago, I would have only played mini golf, and I would not have done any other thing because of my weight. I couldnt have done most of those things before due to the weight limit on them ( the sling shot had a weight limit of 220 lbs, AND you have to get on a scale so they know how much you weigh) . I was reminded today of how much of a gift I gave myself and my family, just from losing weight. How amazing is that? I know this is not the most attractive picture of me, or the best ( husband is not fabulous with the camera) But it was just so super fun to jump so high! I did not do any flips, too chicken for that, one time I bounce off the trampoline, so after that , I was a little more careful.

After we left FFC, we went to dairy Queen, I got a childs cone, and it was still 170 calories. I also got a nutrition menu in cause I ever want to splurge I can splurge with knowledge.

So now for my other blog worthy news. I knew I had to go for a run today, I had made a goal to workout for 10 hours this week, and if I didnt go tonight it was really going to set me back. I even got dressed to run, CHANGED back out of my running clothes, and had said to myself I Linkwasnt going to go. then I entered my food into my diary on MFP and saw where I was, still under my goal, but didnt have alot of wiggle room for dinner, and I was pretty high in carbs, ( fruit, pancakes, ect) Then I logged onto my Facebook Page And I read a comment from
Jena and she said:

I just really want you to know that you help me keep my head in the game! Thank YOU! ♥"

And I thought well, She just motivated me to get my ass out for a run tonight, and I got off the computer, went back upstairs and changed BACK into my running clothes, and went out. For 67 minutes. (I forgot that I was getting a cold and I wondered why it was sucking so bad then I remembered.) OH well,

I kept going.

So for as much as I motivate others , Jena, you motivated me tonight!! Thank you for your words!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

yeah for A Sunday run!

and I hope to make it a Monday an Tuesday run too!

I ran today for the first time in over 3 weeks, due to injuries. I was happy to get out again, i was slacking in cardio time and it is showing, big time, in the clothes, and on the scale. I cant relay on just keeping the calories in check, I have to get the workouts in too. The back being hurt kept me from working out for a week, I never went that long before.

I am shooting for 10 hours of workouts this week. I have 3 hours planned for tomorrow, and have over an hour in today, so the rest of the week should be a piece of cake! Tomorrow I am going for a run , taking a class at the gym, teaching a class, then weights with some girls. 2 plus hours on Thursdays , always, ( two classes) 1 hour wed, ( class) and some added cardio. this will be easy.

I got new batteries in my Heart Rate Monitor today , so I am going to start wearing that again. Knowing exactly how many calories I burn is key for me.

I ALSO got new running shoes :) love them .

I am done feeling flubby, I need to feel more fit... :) Have a happy healthy week!
First run in 3 weeks. It was tough, it was slow, but it was long (75 minutes) IT felt good #gonnafeelthattomorrow

Friday, August 5, 2011
Check out the home page of My Fitness Pal, you will see a friendly face :) and be sure to join for free if u haven't

Thursday, August 4, 2011

First class at the gym was great, back is back :) onto my second class!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Here is a quickie

I was going to try to do a quick blog update, cause I missed mine over the weekend.

I hurt my back last week, it was for sure my sciatic acting up. It was so bad come Sunday AM that I couldn't get out of bed, and when I finally was able to get out of bed, the only thing that felt good ( for a while ) was standing up. So I spent the day in my scraproom scrapping. I spent the night on the floor flat on my back. Each day it has gotten better, but I also haven't worked out since Thursday. DID you just read that?? I haven't worked out since Thursday.... and for anyone that is keeping track, I haven't died yet. Its pretty hard to want to work out when you can barely walk... working out kind of takes a back seat. I really really can not wait to get back in the gym tomorrow, and I am hoping for a bit of Zumba in between my two classes as well.

On another gym note, I gave up teaching my bootcamp classes on WED nights at LA Fitness, Needing to find a balance with work, gym, teaching gym, life, and home. I think this will be best for all of us. So I will still teach my Monday classes at Kent LA Fitness, and my Thursday classes in Kent AND Covington. I feel pretty good about this choice that I made :)

OK, that is all that I have time for now , I said it was a quickie :)

I hope everyone has a healthy week!!