Monday, January 14, 2013

14 days into 2013, How are you doing?

14 days into 2013, How are you doing?

Are you still hanging on ?   I think this is where people start to fall off, and a bit more each week. Some people stick with it through Valentines day, but then stop, cause hey, they made it 6 weeks , they did OK. But the real winners are the ones who have made it a new way of life, and not a diet, and they have figured out how to get more exercise in, eat better, and are even trying new foods !   ITs amazing how great you feel when the year is over, and you do not have to make a resolution to " stick with it this time for sure"  Just a thought ...

 I am doing good !  One thing I promised myself was that I was only going to get on the scale once every 4 weeks , This is a very big deal for someone like me, who for the 2 years of my weigh loss I was weighing myself 2x a day on 2 different scales.  I wrote the day and my goal on my mirror, so I see it every time I think about it. I also see that number , that goal. IT is a very reachable goal for the month, and I know I will not have a problem reaching it, and I am really looking forward to Feb 1 when I get on the scale again , and I can write a new lower goal weight on my mirror .

 One of the ways I know I can get there is to not eat added sugar and not drink any alcohol. HUGE deal, I love my wine.  I have made it through the first weekend of no alcohol ( its the friday and Sat nights sthat I want my wine) , and I am holding out for the superbowl ( GO PATRIOTS!) for any drinks.  

I also had to set a very doable goal for my workouts. MY life is different from when I lived in Covington, I had a job that was 7 minutes from home ( that was IN TRAFFIC) and I worked 9-5 m-f. I woould go to the gym every night after work ( Half the time I was teaching , so getting PAID to workout) . So then we moved, I now commute sometimes over 1 hour, EACH WAY , and my hours are all over the place, Sometimes early AM, Sometimes I work till 10 PM.  Not really giving excuses, just saying that life has changed. So  I can honestly say I can work out just 4 times a week, So When I do work out those 4 days, I have to kill it every time.   The 4 days being 2 of my days off, and then just 2 days that I work.   I think this is something I can do, and not feel like crap if I miss a workout, ( like I would if I had planned 5 days ) . Anyway. That is my plan. ! :) 

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Two years ago today I reached my goal weight

 I can not believe it has been two years.  I remember that day so well, I was in the midst of getting ready for the today show,(I was leaving in a few days for it), and I stepped on the scale and there it was, 144. ( goal was 145)  I felt so many emotions that morning, but all I could think was " all my hard work has paid off". Had someone told me that that was the easy part, I would have laughed at them.

 It has also been just shy of one year ( 11 months ) that  I started my year of major injuries.  it Started last December with my shoulder injury ( and till this day I am still dealing with pain and lack of strength with it ). That seemed like the worst thing that could have happened to me , taking away any upper body strength training for 6 months.  But then I was hit with the lower body injuries in July, and since the first week in august I had to stop all exercise. I wasnt even cleared to swim or bike till 2 weeks ago.  First I tore my calf muscle , then while that was healing I had a major injury to my foot, stress fracture and tendon damage. after xrays, bone scans, and now am MRI, and 3 months later, I am still dealing with daily swelling and pain.  I got the OK to go back to the gym when I told my DR that I needed to go back, if not for my physical health, but for my mental health , I think he understood that, and said I could as long as I stayed no impact, ( bike and elliptical if I do not have pain) .

I have been back two weeks and I am feeling so much better.  It has been a very long , and hard year, dealing with all the injuries, making major life changes, ( Move, New Job, ect) and I have had bouts of sadness. when I wasnt able to go to the gym, my old ways wanted to come back. I wanted to sit around and eat, or drink and  it was a constant battle every day to not over indulge ( EVERY DAY). I needed to get back into my old ways of the past 4 years, eating healthy and working out. I need to feel good about myself , and how I look. Some people may think that is a selfish way to think and be, but for ME ,I need to do that. I have spent 20 years hating the way I looked, and I can not go back to that, not after spending the last few years loving the person I saw in the mirror.   Even if I can not go all gun ho like I have in the past at the gym ( I am not running any races anytime soon, that is for sure) I have to go back, and push myself and do what I am ok to do without causing further injury.

 As I type this I may not be at the goal weight I was two years ago, or even one year ago , (in fact, I am 14 pounds heavier than my goal weight, ) I do see that goal weight of 144 back in site, I feel the old Tami coming back out , and I will be back in my jeans in no time :)  ( I have to be, I refuse to spend money on new ones , lol ) 

 It has been a tough flippin year, and I am happy to say I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Have a happy and healthy day.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Update on foot

 I am very sad to have to report that as of Thursday I am back in the boot for the next 4 weeks. I was at the orthopedics and he says I have tendon damage in my foot as well, and that is why its still swollen and painful.  I have to do some PT and go back to him in 4 weeks to see how its going, if at that time it still is not looking better he will do a MRI to view the tendons and be sure there is not a tear.  This has been very hard for me to accept, but I am doing my best. it has been 10 weeks since my initial injury and it has been a very long 10 weeks to say the least.

 On a happy note, today is Scott and My 11th wedding anniversary! we are going out to a very nice dinner and to see a play, It should be just the thing I need to lift my spirits!

 Have a happy healthy day!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Laced up the shoes!

Went for a great walk around Bellevue tonight after work , 50 minutes and it felt great. Icing the foot now due to some swelling , but the walk was so good for my mind.

Monday, September 17, 2012


have I mentioned how horrible this ingredient is ?   Maltodexterin is something that is used as a flavor enhancer, But it is in ALOT of things. earlier this year after two years of wondering what was wrong with my stomach , I finally made the connection with this ingredient.  the problem is, it is in so many things , it makes it hard to eat anything that doesnt just come from the ground. and everytime I figure out what I can eat , I then have something that has it in it and I never kn ew. For example , my favorite Special K Cracker chips, Its in two flavors, but not the others . Almonds, its  in most almonds that have flavor, but not plain old yucky ones. its in Sams cereal. its the first ingredient in SPLENDA , its in sugar free jello, frozen foods  from PF Changs,  and ect , ect, ect .... all I have to have is ONE BITE, and with in 5 minutes I know, and I feel the effects for 24 hours.   its in Crystal light , one flavor does not have it. all the others do. So you see, its not just you stop eating something, cause some things are OK to eat. You have to read EVERY package. I have Alec and Jake who know how bad this thing is for me, check all lables before they buy something for me., ( How great are  they?). 
 Anyway the point of this post ,is to get others to maybe think about it, if you have had major bloating, painful stomach issues that you cant figure out why you have them, maybe you should check the ingredients of what you are eating. I am sure I am not the only one that this effects this way. 

Update on foot

while I have been boot free since Tuesday of last week, I am not pain free, and the swelling is back .  I did workout this morning, and one day last week, but I am not anywhere near being able to do any of this pain free.  I am back to icing every night ( I did make my own ice pack, with 1 parts rubbing alcohol and 3 parts water, put in a ziplock bag and freeze, it is great!)  anyway, my long road of recovery is still going..  heres to a better week!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Boot FREE!

I have been boot free since Tuesday! it has been tender and a bit of swelling at night , but it feels OK through out the day! I am going to lace up my tennis shoes and go for a  walk and maybe work up a sweat tomorrow. SO excited!!!!