Saturday, March 26, 2011

Lots of questions lately about "excess skin"

So , instead of trying to answer every one's email, or question on MFP , or even posts that have been left for me herem cause I simply can not answer everyone individually, this will have to suffice.

People have been asking me , what about the excess skin, or loose skin, whichever, after having lost as much weight as I have, Have I had surgery to take care of it? Cause clearly people do not seem to think I have an issue with the excess skin. Well, OK, thank you for that, You saying that to me means I have done what I have intended to do, and that is HIDE IT WELL . YES , sadly, there is excess skin , And as open as I have been in this journey, no , I will not be sharing my pictures of all my skin for you to see, I am keeping that one to myself. You will just have to take my word for it. But Maybe its not AS BAD as some of you think. I am not sure what you expect, I get " Your tummy is so flat, Do you not have excess skin" ? Umm, yeah, But my tummy is 'flat' cause I am relatively small, I don't weigh that much,( compared to where I was) and I don't have much body fat, so the excess skin that is there, just kind of is there. It doesn't hang down to my knees ( haha, are you wondering that one?) but its not flat and pretty either. You name the body part, there is excess skin. Pure and simple.
BUT , I must say, for all of you wondering if it will happen to you too , and you are wondering if you should even, lose weight cause you don't wont the excess skin ( yes, people have actually said, I don't want to lose weight cause I don't want loose skin. REALLY? you would really want to be overweight cause you fear the excess skin? ) , there are many factors you need to consider. How long have you been overweight? how is your skin now? sun damaged? do you take care of it? How fast are you losing weight? are you getting tons of water in? are you doing strength training? BUT the key factor here , I think, is GENETICS !!
So what goes for me, may not go for you. I had held that extra weight for over 20 years, my skin had been stretched out for a very long time. it may never bounce back ,and I am aware of that. I am not freaking out over it, I don't love it, I , in fact, HATE it. But I don't have money to have it taken care of surgically, so I don't have many choices, But to deal with it. and part of my dealing with it , is being sure you don't have to see it.

Hope that answers some questions regarding the issue :)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

I am no longer finally fit at forty

I am now 41. I had a birthday this past week, and while I had just an OK day due to personal things going on, I was able to enjoy my achievements that I have reached over the last year. My year of being 40 was wonderful, I did everything I set out to do. I reached my goal weight, and I have learned how to maintain that weight. ( Finally) I have reached fitness goals I honestly , never thought was possible for me to do. I can do pull ups, and just a few days before my birthday, I did 50 ( FIVE ZERO ) military style push ups. I held a plank for 4 mins, and only stopped cause it was 4 minutes . I was on the TODAY show, I was in New York City for 25 hours with my nearest and dearest friend Maegan, and we had a whirlwind time in the Big Apple, all because of my weight loss. I was on New Day Northwest, and shared that with two of my wonderful sons, Alec and Jake, and also my dear friend and workout buddy who keeps me honest, Angela. The NEW DAY show was almost better than the Today Show, cause I shared it with my sons, they made me very very proud and honored to say I am their Mother . I became an instructor at my gym and I now teach 3 classes a week .

But most of all , this past year I have been able to inspire others to start their weight loss journey, or I have been able to encourage them to continue on the journey they had already started. people that I will never meet, have been inspired by me sharing my struggles and my journey so open and publically. I am grateful that I have been able to do it, and happy to every single day. Cause if I can help one person who felt the way I USE to, feel the way I feel now, It makes it all worth it.

I leave you with a picture taken my Birthday weekend. Inner peace and happiness shows through in this picture, I think.

Saturday, March 12, 2011


A Big Giant Thank you goes out to my dear Friend Maegan, She has been working on this little gem for me for my Birthday. I love it!

There is a contest at the trainers desk at the gym, for men and ladies, who can do the most push ups, and hold the longest plank. I did the push up challenge the other night before boot camp, I did 50 on my toe push ups ! I was in first place with the ladies and tied with the men . I had no clue if I could do 50, the most I had done was 38 then I got really sick and didnt workout for almost a week, but my goal had been to complete the 50 by the end of Feb. I was thrilled to do it!

See pictures above! I have since been beaten, some crazy lady did 70 pushups! WOW , dont know who she is, but we are pretty sure she isnt human.

Awesome weekend planned, Birthday weekend! Actual day isnt till WED, but I have some birthday plans this weekend, and spending time with my boys.

Everyone have a good Weekend!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Long time no Blog

I am sorry its been a while, I was really sick for a week so I missed a post. Then I have spent the last week playing catch up, with life, work, family, ect.
Back to the sick, I had the following : Bronchitis, ear infection, sinus infection, and swollen tonsils. I have NEVER had any of the above. IT knocked me on my butt for sure, I taught a class on a Monday, after having been sick since Thursday, and finally went to the DR on Tuesday, ( after my mom told me I shouldnt have burning lungs when I did cardio). I took the following day off, spent it in and out of bed and on antibiotics, and it was a good 4 days before I was better. I went 6 days without working out, A first in over two years for me. The first workout was tough, and each one was tougher, it was a hard, exhausting week , this last one. But I worked out 5 days and worked 6 days. I am really looking forward to doing nothing tomorrow except going for a run.
I picked up a 3rd class this last week, I now teach Monday nights in Kent ( body works) Wed and Thursday nights in Covington ( Bootcamp) please Join me whenever you like!!

I met with my DR this past week, had all my blood work done, everything is perfect, I was hoping there was something that wasnt so perfect, I have been having inner thigh cramps in the middle of the night, I was hoping to find a reason why. Perfect, Who would complain? Well, I would. lol

I also talked about why when I increased my calories, I gained 4 pounds. Hello, I went from 1200 to 1500 calories, and gained 4 pounds. In the last week I went back to 1200 and lost those 4 pounds. according to my DR I should V E R Y S L O W L Y increase my calories. like 20-50 a MONTH . WOW, not 300 a day, right away? she wants me to only increase 20 - 50 a day, for a month at a time , then go from there. thats not even a cookie a day, its like a ...... A REALLY BIG CUCUMBER! lovely. This should be interesting.