Saturday, March 5, 2011

Long time no Blog

I am sorry its been a while, I was really sick for a week so I missed a post. Then I have spent the last week playing catch up, with life, work, family, ect.
Back to the sick, I had the following : Bronchitis, ear infection, sinus infection, and swollen tonsils. I have NEVER had any of the above. IT knocked me on my butt for sure, I taught a class on a Monday, after having been sick since Thursday, and finally went to the DR on Tuesday, ( after my mom told me I shouldnt have burning lungs when I did cardio). I took the following day off, spent it in and out of bed and on antibiotics, and it was a good 4 days before I was better. I went 6 days without working out, A first in over two years for me. The first workout was tough, and each one was tougher, it was a hard, exhausting week , this last one. But I worked out 5 days and worked 6 days. I am really looking forward to doing nothing tomorrow except going for a run.
I picked up a 3rd class this last week, I now teach Monday nights in Kent ( body works) Wed and Thursday nights in Covington ( Bootcamp) please Join me whenever you like!!

I met with my DR this past week, had all my blood work done, everything is perfect, I was hoping there was something that wasnt so perfect, I have been having inner thigh cramps in the middle of the night, I was hoping to find a reason why. Perfect, Who would complain? Well, I would. lol

I also talked about why when I increased my calories, I gained 4 pounds. Hello, I went from 1200 to 1500 calories, and gained 4 pounds. In the last week I went back to 1200 and lost those 4 pounds. according to my DR I should V E R Y S L O W L Y increase my calories. like 20-50 a MONTH . WOW, not 300 a day, right away? she wants me to only increase 20 - 50 a day, for a month at a time , then go from there. thats not even a cookie a day, its like a ...... A REALLY BIG CUCUMBER! lovely. This should be interesting.

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  1. I'm glad to hear you got over all them illnesses, boy you don't fool around when you get sick :)
    I wonder, before when you were much much heavier and certainly out of shape, when you got sick, was it worse than now, do you recover much faster now than before? I've lost 52 lbs and am in MUCH better shape than I was this time last year, MUCH better, before I had a cold just about once a month, I blamed working retail and having kids in public school, but since I've gotten into better shape, and lost the weight, I think I've had two colds in the last 8 months, and both were much less incapacitating and I recovered much quicker too. Anyway, I just wanted to say "Hi" and I'm glad to hear you are doing better!