Saturday, August 21, 2010

Biggest Loser Meet N Greet!

Today there was a Biggest Loser Meet N Greet at Lake Meridian in Kent, WA. Tomorrow there is a TRI with a few of the former Biggest Losers. I am volunteering on the Bike course tomorrow bright and Early. Its the least I can do for these amazing people that can do a TRI ! think about how tough that is! That is my friend Angela in the picture with Matt and Suzy and I . Daris is the cutie in the orange shirt from last season, and Kai is the perky little one in the other orange shirt from season 3.
Cute Fun Story : I was waiting for my friend, standing outside my car, and I was on my phone on FB I see a car pull up, but I didnt look up, I hear a whistle, I ignore it, then they whistle again, then I hear, " Hey Skinny" in this cute voice, I look up and its Suzy in the car with Matt and Daris, and his Girlfriend. She gets out and we say hello. Matt gets out and introduces me to Daris as " This is Tami, and she has lost like a gajillon pounds" Daris and I shake hands, and I tell him its not really that much.. lol When I had him sign my before and current pic thing that I had, he looked at it and said " I know you" , I told him we were friends on FB, he remembered it. How fun for me !

Forgot to mention that we ran 9.2 this am. took 1 hour and 44 mins.

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