Sunday, August 29, 2010

I have been having a pity party

It has been a most frustrating week.
Did I mention in the post below about my 9+ mile run last Saturday, and how at mile 3, the pain in my knee started, and by the end of the run, was killing me ( IT BAND ) well all week it was still killing me, not getting any better, I have gone thru a bunch advil , and a couple of pain killers. I didnt run all week, But went out Saturday AM by myself to see what I could do. 6 minutes is what I could do before the pain started. I ended up running only 2 miles on and off, run, then walk. it sucked . I am very very concerned about it, I dont know what to do to make it better. I have been using a foam roller ( which kills by the way) and I have been stretching tons. I dont know what else to do .
On Top of that, I am getting a tad annoyed with the fact that I cant drop these last 9 pounds . I looked back at my food diary, and the last time I lost weight was about the same time I started eating so much fruit. I know people may think its crazy that I am even connecting the two, but I was eating alot of fruit. and Fruit has alot of sugar, regardless of the whole Natural sugar nonsense, its still sugar. and carbs. So starting last WED, I stopped eating any fruit. I am willing to not eat fruit for a couple of weeks to see if that helps any. I am trying to keep my sugars real low, ( below 15 has been my goal) I am not going all crazy over no carbs, but I have cut them back too. I will let you know if anything works in my favor :)
I hope my leg gets better soon, I am getting concerned about the half marathon coming up in OCT.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Biggest Loser Meet N Greet!

Today there was a Biggest Loser Meet N Greet at Lake Meridian in Kent, WA. Tomorrow there is a TRI with a few of the former Biggest Losers. I am volunteering on the Bike course tomorrow bright and Early. Its the least I can do for these amazing people that can do a TRI ! think about how tough that is! That is my friend Angela in the picture with Matt and Suzy and I . Daris is the cutie in the orange shirt from last season, and Kai is the perky little one in the other orange shirt from season 3.
Cute Fun Story : I was waiting for my friend, standing outside my car, and I was on my phone on FB I see a car pull up, but I didnt look up, I hear a whistle, I ignore it, then they whistle again, then I hear, " Hey Skinny" in this cute voice, I look up and its Suzy in the car with Matt and Daris, and his Girlfriend. She gets out and we say hello. Matt gets out and introduces me to Daris as " This is Tami, and she has lost like a gajillon pounds" Daris and I shake hands, and I tell him its not really that much.. lol When I had him sign my before and current pic thing that I had, he looked at it and said " I know you" , I told him we were friends on FB, he remembered it. How fun for me !

Forgot to mention that we ran 9.2 this am. took 1 hour and 44 mins.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I miss my scale

only two days into it, and I really miss it. Its such a habit to get on it after I get home from the gym, and then before bed, and then first thing in the morning, and then.... you get the picture. It really is a big part of my day, and I feel weird without it. strange.......
tailbone still very sore... couldnt do yoga Monday night, or Pilates Tonight. I am able to do everything else, as long as it doesnt involve laying down, good thing most of my workouts you need to be upright for. :)
I am really looking forward to our 9.5 mile run Saturday, hoping for a much better outcome than the last one. Lets hope I dont hurt for days after.
Thats all for now, just wanted to let you all know that I really do miss my scale .

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Last week :)

Its been a week. and the next few ones dont seem to look any better. I am working more hours at work ,and still getting in all my workouts. I will be having 12 hour days with gym time too. It will be hard, and take alot of planning of my food so I always have something and am not eating out of complete starvation which leads to bad choices. Anyway,
I want everyone to know that I have given my scale to my son and told him to hide it till friday morning. I have been driving myself crazy with it, and I think I need a break of it. I know I am doing all the right things with the food, the scale just isnt moving. Makes me crazy, so its time it goes away. Will I weigh less on Friday when I get on it, Who knows, but at least I wont go crazy all week, lol
I tried on a pair of shorts Friday morning , size 8 , a little baggy, so I went back and got the 6 , tried those on. A bit snug but they buttoned and zipped. I didnt buy them, but hello .. a size 6??? That would make me happy, not what the scale says, but for a size 6 to fit me.

Today I wore a bathing suit out in public and wasnt the least bit uncomfortable. FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE . WOW, that was a very AH HA moment for me , I want everyone to have the same feeling , it was very freeing, and I know I would have never felt this way without all the hard work I have done. I sat there on the beach alone waiting for Scott and Sam, and I enjoyed the moment . I wasnt embarrassed cause I was alone, ( in the past I would have been) I didnt mind when men looked and smiled, I smiled back. IT was very nice. Feeling the way I felt.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

9.2 miles

took was 106 minutes, or 1 hour 46 minutes. or 6,360 seconds. that isnt too long.. right? 9.2 miles, less than 4 more and I would have finished my half . it wasnt the fastest run, let me break down all that slowed us down this morning:
we hadnt had a long run together since the weekend BEFORE the 22nd of July, not sure what that one was exactly, but we did 8.5 miles that weekend then next weekend I did 6 on saturday am with Angela, then 5 on Monday with Tanna, then I took a break cause of my foot/ankle. I have been nursing it since then. yesterday was the first day it felt really great.
So it had been a while
We were taking it slow cause my my foot, and her hip ( she hurt it a few weeks ago doing weights), This AM I got my monthly gift, ( a week early ) and I had some major cramps from that. and also for some odd reason, I was in the bathroom all morning with tummy pains. And to top it all off, it was raining.
But we went anyway. Cause we HAD TO . I stopped at the store before we met for some pepto, and kept my fingers crossed that I wouldnt need a bathroom. And I was fine.
My foot was ok, and Jenn worked thru her hip pain, at about 4 miles she figured out how to run without it hurting too much. some parts of the trail were covered by trees, and some parts wide open, so we got rained on alot
Mile 7 I hate. my knees gets tight, and my quads want to freeze up, its a bitch to get thru, usually about mile 8 I am thru it, but with less than a mile to go I remember telling Jenn I hurt from my hips to my toes. lol Sounds lovely huh? so far so good. We are so far ahead on our training, we feel pretty good about it !
Cant wait for a 10 mile run!