Saturday, October 6, 2012

Update on foot

 I am very sad to have to report that as of Thursday I am back in the boot for the next 4 weeks. I was at the orthopedics and he says I have tendon damage in my foot as well, and that is why its still swollen and painful.  I have to do some PT and go back to him in 4 weeks to see how its going, if at that time it still is not looking better he will do a MRI to view the tendons and be sure there is not a tear.  This has been very hard for me to accept, but I am doing my best. it has been 10 weeks since my initial injury and it has been a very long 10 weeks to say the least.

 On a happy note, today is Scott and My 11th wedding anniversary! we are going out to a very nice dinner and to see a play, It should be just the thing I need to lift my spirits!

 Have a happy healthy day!