Friday, July 29, 2011

Sunday, July 24, 2011

thoughts from the past week

I have spent the last week with family from out of town. We had a family wedding that everyone came to Seattle for, including people from Boston. There was alot of things happening out of my norm. My daily plans were not the same, my workouts were not the same ( only made it to the gym three days out of seven, NOT normal for me), and I was faced with lots of food and meals out of my norm as well, including something so simple as my water intake, normally 1 gallon or more a day, and I know it was lower on some days, Let me tell you, my body noticed that. But I am proud to say, that even when faced with these different, and not really good choices, day after day, I still managed to do well. I even had a mint chocolate chip ice cream shake on Thursday, and a piece of wedding cake last night at the wedding. both by the way, incredibly yummy.

So this morning I woke up , and figured I had to face the scale. I was going to be a big girl and see what the damage was from the past few days of chaos. I stepped on the scale with my eyes closed, and when I opened them I was happy to see the number was exactly the same as it had been the week before. No damage had been done, which was a huge deal considering how much damage could have been done. the food around me for days was amazing. lots of carbs for sure!!

Someone had asked me if I still log all my food, always, even when its a bad choice. So I thought I would answer that here. but in two parts.
When I was losing, for two years, yes, I logged everything, everyday. I needed to do that, I needed to see what I had been eating, and having that written down also allowed me to be able to look back on it if I needed to.

Now, and for the past almost 9 months of maintaining, I still log all my foods, the only time I do not is when the whole day is going to be shot ( like the 4th of July, or Christmas). but if its just a meal gone wrong, or a special treat, I log it. Why not? when I drink alcohol I log it and try to keep it within my calorie goal for the day. IF I dont, then the only one I am kidding is myself. Right??

Now I say time and time again, this is what works for ME, and what works for me, may not work for everyone else. I can only tell you what worked and works, for me.

On a totally different subject, I had alot of hurt feelings these past few days, but with those hurt feelings came the realization that unless you have walked in someone else's shoes, you really have no place to judge. And unless you were once a 330 pound 38 year old woman who finally took control of her weight and her life , and have done it in the most healthiest way possible, You really have no right to tell that person how she should be now. Because you do not know, just as you have no clue what it was like to have been that 330 pound person, you do not know what is the right way for her to maintain her weight. ( and by 'her' I mean ME) . and If I have to count calories and eat chicken every day for the rest of my life to do it, I am ok doing it. :) I have no hard feelings, just hurt that there is such little understanding .

Have a happy and Healthy week!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I wanted to welcome all the new visitors I have been having, and also send you in the direction of my Finally Fit Page on Facebook . I post all sorts of links and tips daily over there :)

Have a Happy Healthy Day!

Monday, July 18, 2011

What keeps you motivated today?

People ask me all the time what keeps me motivated. And what keeps me motivated today, may not be the same thing that kept me going last week, or last month, or even last year. Sure, the overall reasons I stay doing what I am doing are the same, ( being healthy, feeling this amazing, even just waking up every day as THIS person, in THIS body as appose to the one I was waking up in 3 short years ago, ) even as those simple things keep me motivated overall, something has to keep me motivated on a daily basis. So if you ask me that today, you will most likely get a different answer than you did last month.
Today it may be the family wedding coming up this weekend, and the dress I want to wear ( although I am going with a different dress than the one I had planned but that is only cause my mom came from Vegas for the wedding, and her dress is the same color as the one I was going to wear and I do NOT want to be matchy matchy with my mommy). BUT I have another wedding to go to in August that I plan to wear that amazing dress to.
Next week my motivation may come in the form of trying to work off whatever it was I ate and drank at the wedding, ;) .
Sometimes my motivation is from the sole fact that I do not, and will not gain back any of the weight that I worked so stinkin hard to lose. That I know I am worth it, that staying fit is worth it. That giving back to others , and helping them feel as amazing as I feel, is worth it.

I am not going to sit here and sugar coat it for you . It . IS. HARD. staying motivated. counting calories still, every day ( no matter what you think, that doesnt end when the scale shows you that magic number that you have worked so hard to see). And knowing that I still have to work just as hard, and workout just as much as I did before , just to maintain the weight loss, it is STINKIN HARD. BUT.........



I had a customer at the Nook today do the " I know I know you but are you really the same person who "use" to work here " thing in our conversation, and then she cut me off mid sentence and said " You look amazing, how did you do it" ? So after thanking her, I told her, and we chatted a bit, and she told me how she lost 50 pounds a couple of years ago, but in the last year has put it back on. I asked her if there was something that made her put the weight back on, ( an illness, new job that kept her from working out, ect) and you know what she said ? She said she just got lazy with what she was eating, and her special treat that she let herself have on a weekly basis, became more often than that, and she just couldnt help herself. I just wanted to give her a big hug and let her know that that is EXACTLY what I have been thinking about, and I know what she meant, and I know how easy it can be to let the weight come back. And that is why I am still counting my calories, and working out just as much as I did before. Because it CAN happen so easily... I get it.

I do not want anyone to think that I am perfect, because I am not. I keep the thought of re gaining weight in my mind on a daily basis, I just can not let it happen. Because it is so easy....

I hope she finds her way back to South Beach and gets going in the right direction again. ( She had lost weight with the South Beach diet plan) Its hard to get yourself started up again, But once you get going, its easier than you think.

I think when we lose the weight, we all have the empty fat cells , just waiting and waiting for us to eat something bad so they can grab it and have a party with it. and the more we eat, bad, or even just in excess of good calories, (cause calories are calories when it comes down to it) our old lonely fat cells are just sitting there, waiting for some party favors.

That is one party I plan to be a party poo per on for years to come.....

Have a happy and Healthy week !

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

GroupHealth Magazine has arrived and I am the centerfold!

Here it is , the link to the article that went out in the summer publication for GroupHealth Magazine. You can read it here . I was beyond excited when it showed up in the mail on Saturday, I wasnt expecting it so soon, ( not like I wasnt stalking the mail or anything, I wouldnt do such a thing) ;0)

And the picture again that was used is above.

I just love this, I love that this is me. I hope so badly that someone who is struggling with their weight, and who is feeling hopeless and lost, will read this and know that they can change their life too, and that they can feel as wonderful as I do. and it would the world to me if someone changed their life because they were inspired by my story.

Sunday, July 3, 2011