Tuesday, November 8, 2011

One Year ago today.........

One year ago today, I reached my goal weight.

After almost 2 years of losing weight, I finally reached that goal that I had set out to reach.  I had reached it in the two week span  of my being asked to go on the TODAY SHOW, and  going on the show, so when I reached it, it kind of got lost in my feelings, if that makes sense.    I ended up spending the next year, the past year, trying to figure out how to maintain the weight. Who knew it was going to be harder than even losing? Had someone told me that, I would have told them they were crazy. Losing was hard, right? Cause I had never had success at that before, so that was hard, I figured maintaining was going to be a piece of cake,
( lol, no pun intended)  So wrong,


     It was time to figure out what , how much I can eat, and how much exercising I needed to do to maintain the weight. Just not as easy as it sounds.  A year of playing with calories, A year of eating less, working out less, eating more, working out more, eating more, working out less, ( that one doesnt work by the way)  and eating less, working out more.  Did you get all that? Think you are confused ? Try being me, lol .

  I still dont have it figured out .

 I still count all my calories, I still weigh my food, I still weigh myself almost daily ( about every other day ) , I still write all that down.

 I still fit into my clothes.

 I have gained 4 pounds that do not want to go away. 

I am trying to be OK with it , I am just not OK with it.

 So here I am , a year later, and still working at it, day in, and day out,

 Today I celebrate what I have been able to do.

 Tomorrow I will still continue to try to figure this thing called " maintaining your goal weight" and see if I can do it again for another year.

 Have a happy and healthy day! :)