Monday, January 14, 2013

14 days into 2013, How are you doing?

14 days into 2013, How are you doing?

Are you still hanging on ?   I think this is where people start to fall off, and a bit more each week. Some people stick with it through Valentines day, but then stop, cause hey, they made it 6 weeks , they did OK. But the real winners are the ones who have made it a new way of life, and not a diet, and they have figured out how to get more exercise in, eat better, and are even trying new foods !   ITs amazing how great you feel when the year is over, and you do not have to make a resolution to " stick with it this time for sure"  Just a thought ...

 I am doing good !  One thing I promised myself was that I was only going to get on the scale once every 4 weeks , This is a very big deal for someone like me, who for the 2 years of my weigh loss I was weighing myself 2x a day on 2 different scales.  I wrote the day and my goal on my mirror, so I see it every time I think about it. I also see that number , that goal. IT is a very reachable goal for the month, and I know I will not have a problem reaching it, and I am really looking forward to Feb 1 when I get on the scale again , and I can write a new lower goal weight on my mirror .

 One of the ways I know I can get there is to not eat added sugar and not drink any alcohol. HUGE deal, I love my wine.  I have made it through the first weekend of no alcohol ( its the friday and Sat nights sthat I want my wine) , and I am holding out for the superbowl ( GO PATRIOTS!) for any drinks.  

I also had to set a very doable goal for my workouts. MY life is different from when I lived in Covington, I had a job that was 7 minutes from home ( that was IN TRAFFIC) and I worked 9-5 m-f. I woould go to the gym every night after work ( Half the time I was teaching , so getting PAID to workout) . So then we moved, I now commute sometimes over 1 hour, EACH WAY , and my hours are all over the place, Sometimes early AM, Sometimes I work till 10 PM.  Not really giving excuses, just saying that life has changed. So  I can honestly say I can work out just 4 times a week, So When I do work out those 4 days, I have to kill it every time.   The 4 days being 2 of my days off, and then just 2 days that I work.   I think this is something I can do, and not feel like crap if I miss a workout, ( like I would if I had planned 5 days ) . Anyway. That is my plan. ! :)