Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I have been crazy busy

so much going on these last two weeks, Bretts going away party, then I had my huge Scrap Pink Fund raising event at the Nook, it has consumed my every free moment. Now I am just wrapped up in the last week with Brett's leaving, ( and just life in general)  He leaves for the Army on Sunday. 

 I will be back to my regular blogging next week, I just need to mental get through this weekend.

 I Want to share with you guys before I go a couple of pictures ( you know how I love pictures)  My husband and I are having our 10th wedding anniversary on Oct 6th, Here is a picture from our wedding, and one from our photo shoot a few weeks ago.   
Oct 2001 and Sept 2011  Ten year anniversary.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Brett's Going Away Party

Brett and I at his going away party   
food from the party
 I have been so busy the last week, getting ready for Brett's going away party. ( Army) . He leaves for Basic Training on Oct 2nd, he will be in South Carolina at FT. Jackson.  The week kept me from working out as much as I wanted, and eating more than I wanted. It was not the greatest week for me fitness wise, But it is what it is, and I will move forward. This week has started off great with a great run and my nights are all free this week for all the exercise I want. :)

 As you can see from the pictures above, I was surrounded by food. Glad that is over!!!
 I am exhausted, and I hope to have a great restful week. This weekend at the Nook I am hosting my 5th annual Scrap Pink Crop for the Cure event. 18 hours of scrapping, raising money for the Susan G Komen  foundation.  Another crazy weekend surround by not so healthy stuff ( can you say Pizza and cupcakes?) But I can bring my own food, get my great workouts in, and I can say no to the pizza, ( not to the cupcakes though!)
 Have a happy and healthy week!! 

Monday, September 12, 2011

Family Fun Photo Shoot!! Makes a mama happy!

Group Picture
Sam and I
Alec and I

Family Photo  Shoot.  From  Aileen is wonderful, amazing, makes you feel so comfortable. Even the boys commented on how wonderful she was. I gave her a list of what  I wanted pictures of ,and she did it all,  she was perfect. ! Some of my Favorites! not all, more to post later .

All my boys
Brett and I

Scott and I 

Jake and I

Saturday, September 3, 2011

The REI Rockwall

(Picture above is After the climb), (You can click on all pictures for a bigger image)

Did I ever mention I was afraid of heights? No? Maybe I should of mentioned that before.

Needless to say, I did NOT climb to the top. That SUCKER IS HIGH! 65 feet! Jake made it to the top, and Brett made it to the top, TWICE. ( he went first , and last ) Alec made it about 3/4 of the way up, and He is afraid of heights as well, so he was thrilled to get as high as he did. When I was standing in front of it looking at it,I knew I wouldnt get far up there. I was sick to my stomach . lol I just kind of freaked out ( inside) when I didnt like the next placement for my footing, and I said I was done. Funny, the coming down was fun , which was what I really feared, and the going up was tough. if I just had to look up, I would have been fine, but having to look down to place my footing really threw me off.

The Boys were amazing. Brett was amazing with it, He climbed it twice , his first climb there wasnt a bell to ring, so after Jake rang the bell, Brett wanted to see how fast he could get up to ring it to, so she let him go up again without charging. ( I think cause he was so good the first time, she knew he would be easy and fast) . Jake was great, he had to pause for a bit cause he got a cramp in a not so cool spot, but after that he was fine and just kept going up.

The next 3 pictures are the boys in order. Alec, Brett, Jake:

And while it was not the finish that I wanted, it was still an amazing thing to do with the boys. At one point on my way up, I heard Alec say to his brothers " Two years ago she never would have been able to do this" That brings tears to my eyes as I type, and makes my heart happy. I love them, and the amazing , fit life that I have and share with them all.