Saturday, April 24, 2010

My Workout with Matt and Suzy Hoover, and other stuff

First is the picture that we took before the workout. everyone is nice and smiling and looking good.
the second one was taken right after the workout, you can still see the sweat on my forehead. Suzy had to go right after , so we took a quick picture with the trainer, ALI.

It was an amazing kickass bootcamp. 50 minutes of insane, totally out of my comfort zone drills. I kept saying to Jenn, " I dont jump, I dont jump up on things" I didnt want to jump. well while we were waiting to start, we could read on the board the bootcamp. what was on there? JUMPS. I thought I would die. I never jumped for fear of falling on my face. thinking I couldnt clear the platform, no matter what the height. This wasnt a high jump by any means, it was the smallest platform Ali put out, and he said he could lower it more ,but I gave it a shot and I did it, and didnt fall on my face! We flipped 250 pound tires, pulled weights on chains, ran with the rope around our waist and Ali hanging onto it and running too, did bear crawls, burpies, you name it, I think we did it. it was awesome!
Tonight, the next night after, I am only a little sore in my shoulders. I was hoping for more, but oh well, it was awesome and a great calorie burn!
Today Jenn and I went shopping then for a run. When we were shopping I took 3 pairs of capris into the fitting room, all size 10. the calvin kliens I couldnt get over my hips, but the other two ones fit perfectly. I didnt buy them, cause I have a bunch of stuff in the closet from Jenn in that size, but it was sooo good to put on!!

I have lost at least 1 more pound than it shows on my ticker. I am at least at 162 pound loss, maybe 163, I just havent updated it yet.
which means, I am 22 or 23 pounds away from my low goal, I had two goals, and now I think I am just going to shoot for the lowest one, cause I know I wont be happy with the first one.
so thats nothing , right?? 22 or 23 pounds? nothing after the amount I have already lost. I am in the home stretch and I love it!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

I think I am addicted to the gym

and to working out in general, I know that you should give the body a rest, I try to do that 2x a week. But every week, on my off days, all I want to do is go to the gym. I sit at home, and I I want to be at the gym, it just doesnt feel right not being there and getting that calorie burn in and that amazing feeling I have when I leave the gym. The feeling that you normally just hear about when people say they love working out, I ACTUALLY get it! I love doing something that I wasnt able to do a month ago, I love pushing myself past the point that I didnt think was possible.
I took a bootcamp class this week, and we did pushups 10 different times, for 20 seconds each time ( about 10 each time) I was the ONLY one in the class who did the real push ups ( Not Girly ones) the entire time. and there were men in the class. when I realized what was happening I was pumped! I loved it! what a feeling that I gave myself, no-one else, just me, and what I have done for my health.
I dont ever want to stop pushing myself beyond my limits, its such a cool feeling.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Compare picture. -158 pounds

it was time to do a compare pic. I was going to wait till I hit the -160 mark, but that could take weeks so I did it now, lol.
I dealt with an sore foot for the last 10 days, it kept me from doing my training for the 10k for most of last week. I did my normal stuff but only really ran one day. I saw the DR on Friday and had an xray, nothing too serious that a good pair of shoes wouldnt cure! so I went out and got better ( more expensive of course) running shoes. I ran 3.1 miles today and feet felt great, it was slow, 36 mins, but my legs were so sore from a killer workout Friday night with Jon and Jenn. ( Jon is training us since Kyle is gone, Jon had his hands full with the two of us! he enjoyed having " in shape ladies to train" as he put it . lol)
Anyway, feet feel better, so I hope my training is back on! even though I really only missed a few days of it, I really did miss it!!