Sunday, April 4, 2010

Compare picture. -158 pounds

it was time to do a compare pic. I was going to wait till I hit the -160 mark, but that could take weeks so I did it now, lol.
I dealt with an sore foot for the last 10 days, it kept me from doing my training for the 10k for most of last week. I did my normal stuff but only really ran one day. I saw the DR on Friday and had an xray, nothing too serious that a good pair of shoes wouldnt cure! so I went out and got better ( more expensive of course) running shoes. I ran 3.1 miles today and feet felt great, it was slow, 36 mins, but my legs were so sore from a killer workout Friday night with Jon and Jenn. ( Jon is training us since Kyle is gone, Jon had his hands full with the two of us! he enjoyed having " in shape ladies to train" as he put it . lol)
Anyway, feet feel better, so I hope my training is back on! even though I really only missed a few days of it, I really did miss it!!

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