Friday, January 29, 2010

Gastric Bypass

I think it was Dec of 2004, and I had made an appointment with the DR at Valley Medical hospital to see if that was the thing for me. I had honestly thought that I was just going to be fat forever unless I had this surgery. it was going to be my miracle that I had been waiting for, cause seriously, I had tried everything else and I never lost weight, so this must be my last choice, right?
I sat through about 4 hours of testing, pretty much of nurses telling me how my weight was killing me, and all the bad things that were going to happen to me if I didnt lose the weight, Well Duh, I knew that, that was the whole reason I was there to begin with! after about 4 hours, I was only then told that my insurance wouldnt cover the surgery, but I could try to finance it. Yeah right, that was not going to happen. if I couldnt have it covered by insurance, I would not be having it done. I left very dissapointed, and with a $1000.00 bill. Nice.

I also didnt "diet" again till 2007.

I have people ask me now how I lost the weight, " did you have surgery"? they ask. I proudly say " No, I didnt, I did it the right way, with counting all my calories, and tons of exercise" . Sometimes they seem like they wanted me to say " YES, I had most of my stomache blocked off and I cant eat a thing now without throwing up" .
I am living proof that this can be done the right way, dont even think you cant, Cause if I can, anyone can. :)


  1. Both of my sisters had Gastric Bypass and both of them are sick all the time. I applaud you for not going down that road.

  2. I refuse to have surgery. I would be lying if I said I hadnt considered it, but as I thought long and hard, I realized that it wasnt for me. I want to lose my weight on my they say: anything worth having is worth working hard for!