Friday, January 22, 2010

bad thyroid

I honestly thought I had one. Why else would I be so overweight? Why else couldnt I lose weight? Clearly it had to be the fact that my thyroid was off. IT couldnt be because I over ate, or that I enjoyed eating a bag of chips at night, ( ok maybe half a bag) or that I had HUGE portion sizes. or that I didnt exercise, no, it was cause of my bad thyroid.
I even went to the DR and had it tested. Guess what? It was totally fine. ( Damn it) I was so stunned by those results, that I believe I Gained another 10 pounds.
I just figured I Was not a person that could lose weight, I was going to be a huge person for the rest of my life, cause every time that I had tried to lose wieght in the past ,I couldnt get past 10 pounds, I figured my body just COULDNT lose weight.
Little did I know that my mind was stopping me from losing weight. I wasnt ready to be fit and healthy , so therefor, I wasnt. once my mind was ready to lose weight and be a healthy person, my body followed.
its amazing what mind over matter can do to you.

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