Saturday, January 28, 2012

A SHOUT OUT to a blog follower!

 I didnt get her name, but today while I was teaching my scrapbook class at the Scrapbook nook, she came up to me to tell me she is a blog follower and had to share with me that she has lost over 40 pounds! She was so proud, and I am too of her!!! Congrats!!!  Keep going strong!!!   thank you for taking the time to tell me about your success, I love it!!!   Tami

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Catch up time

Tree in my driveway, my car was parked there, but got moved to safety when the tree was taking a rest on my car, it fell about 1 hour later.
What a week it has been for all of us here in the Seattle area, Well the state of WA really.  the snow started I think on Sunday? it has all been a blur. A little bit of snow, Then of course on Monday, it was MLK day, so no school for the kids. Snow fell again Monday night,  and it was pretty ICY. I cancelled my class at Kent LA Fitness for Monday evening, knowing the roads would be a sheet of ice by the time I tried to come back up the hill after class.  We also closed the Scrapbook Nook at 6 pm that night. Tuesday,  No school, and again we closed the Nook early,snow had not come back yet, but it was coming back late late Tuesday night. Suzzy and I carpooled to Fairwood to teach our classes that night, it was the first night for both of us at that club and we didnt want to cancel. Again icy icy, But it was a good showing, and I had several fellow gym rats come to class , and lots of familar faces from Covington!( Yeah about that, I was sad to leave some of the people, so I am happy to have them with me again at Fairwood)  Suzzy and I got home safe and sound . And as predicted, we woke up Wed AM to a blanket of white. The Nook didnt even open, and I had Scott, Alec, Jake and Sam at home with me all day. I made pancakes, ( banana) brownies, and burgers for dinner. I spent the day in my scrap room cleaning it out, it was a good productive day.  Thursday AM, Scott and Jake had to go to work, and after 45 minutes of the car defrosting the 2 inches of ice it was incased in, they left. This was the time they pushed my car out of the way of the tree. Alec was with us again, so now it was Alec, Sam and I at home. 6 AM, power went out.  Trees crashing all around the house, and sadly, the tree in the front yard could no longer hang on and snapped in a few places. one of the neighbors knocked on our door around 8 am to tell Alec to move his car because of the falling trees and ice. About 1 minute after  he moved, trees came down where it was.  Alec went out a couple of times this day for coffee and to get us some lunch ( pizza)On his trip out for lunch his tire blew, so he had to change it while Sam waited inside Dominos.  we were still without power and the house fell to 55 degrees.   I spent the AM shoveling ice and snow and a nice clear path , only for it to start snowing, yet again.  JAke and Scott got home around 4 pm, and still now power,  Scott thinks he will go look for some dinner, NO ONE HAD POWER, therefor, no place for hot food. and nothing at the grocery store. He also got stuck somewhere, so he was gone a good two hours. we ended up eating sandwiches  around 7 pm. A couple of card games later with Alec and Jake, and power was restored. 14 hours without was enough for me, But we were also very grateful that that is all it was. some people are still without as I type this blog. I feel so bad for them, it is better that it isnt freezing anymore, but still.   I chanced the ice and hills on Friday night ( I finally made it back to work, with Sam in tow after missing two days at the Nook and two classes at LA) and went to the gym Friday night, not sure it was the best idea, but I needed a good sweat and needed to get started on getting  rid of the 5 pounds I am sure I put on this past week.( I do not do well with being home and not being able to workout. )
  I had to cancel my appointment that I had with the orthopedic surgeon to go over my MRI results on my shoulder, and figure of a plan of action for fixing the tear.  Oh, I just realized I havent posted about my injury. Ok, short version , almost 8 weeks ago I was working out with Jake at Kentwood, and we were a  flipping tractor tire,  it weighs between 125 and 150. we would flip it 10  times, run around the track, repeat. we had done it a couple of weeks before and it was a great workout, shoulder to legs, sore, all over good workout. anyway, I was lifting it and felt instant pain, I did it a few more times, but then I just couldnt do it anymore, and stopped, by the end of the weekend I was in so much pain I couldnt move it.  went to the DR , of course xray came back clear, so after a couple of weeks they scheduled an MRI, I couldnt get in till after new years , and it showed three different things that are wrong with it, but the main thing is what they call a SLAP TEAR INJURY .  Awesome.  So rescheduled the Dr appointment for this coming WED, I hope to have a plan of action for the treatment  after the visit.    it has been a very long and very frustrating injury, you would be shocked at how much you use your shoulder.   The pain is so constant, that when I move it , and DO NOT feel pain, I am aware of it.  

 Ok that is all for now, I have kept you for a while. Stay safe, Stay warm, and have a happy and healthy week!  

UPDATE AT 7:33 PM SUNDAY NIGHT. School cancelled again on Monday due to so many schools in the district not having power. Perfect. 

Friday, January 13, 2012

I am doing the Big Climb in Seattle!


 Did you know I was doing this? I am so happy that I am doing this event this year! I wanted to last year and didnt do it, ( not sure why) this year, I committed to it, and I did BIG TIME! We have a team ( GYM RATS) and the team size keeps growing, I love it! we have  a couple different  ZUMBA fundraising events planned, and I will share them with you over the next few days, but for now, I wanted to share our donation page. Any donation, big OR small is welcome! we have a $1000.00 goal as a team , but a personal goal of $250.00 for myself.. 

 The big Climb is at the Columbia tower in Seattle, ( tallest building in Seattle) and it is a total of 69 flights of stairs, and 1311 steps.  We RUN up , and get to take the elevator down....  CAN NOT WAIT TO DO THIS!   ( am I crazy!)  I am combining all my worlds on this one, Friends, Gym Rats, and My Fitness Pal Friends, I love it!!! 

 Post again soon, Have a happy and healthy week! 

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy 2012!

Happy New year!!

 I have been MIA for a while, due to ALOT of things. since the last time I have blogged we have had a couple of major holidays, and alot of good tasting food flowing! I weighed the day before thanksgiving and was still at my 148 weight. I then weighed in every WEDNESDAY from then till now, with a goal of weighing the same .  No GAIN was my goal, ( A loss would have been a bonus, but only happened once and didnt stay). I had my son Brett come home from the Army Basic Training, he came home on DEC 15th and leaves again in the AM. Add him being home to the holidays and there was ALOT of baking going on in my home. Cookies, Fudge, Cakes, bread, you name it, I made it. and I ATE IT. But keeping the sweets on moderation with alot of cardio , kept my weight the same the whole time.  I am very happy with the last 6 weeks.  

 I am also ready to get rid of the these 5 pounds that like to hang out around my hips....

 That being said, I was on a run today with a fellow gym rat, Christie, and we were talking about weight and working out, and how hard this last year has been for me for maintaining, and I was saying how I think this weight, this 148 pounds is what my body is happy at. Meaning, I  can enjoy life ( IE FOOD) , I can work out a normal amount for me ( 5+ hours a week) and NOT gain anything. And maintain my size. Now if I want to lose any more, I need to up the cardio and lower the calories, but for maintaining, I think this is what my body likes. 

  I have come a long way, from that 330 pound , very unhappy lady, to this 148 pound , very happy lady. My body is not the same as someone who has never been obese, my body does not look like others who weigh what I weigh. My skin is not firm and tight, even though I have a good amount of muscle under that skin, My metabolism is not the same as another 41 year old lady who weighs what I weigh, mine is fighting me after I was so mean to it for 20+ years.  I am working on figuring it all out, and I am learning to be OK with where I am....

 I will never weigh 115 pounds, ( cant say I want to)  and I may never see the 130's, but I am healthy and I am fit ( more fit than others who are smaller than I) and my body thanks me EVERY DAY for no longer being that 330 pound prison that it was before.  and I shall NEVER forget that.   And I will strive to make 2012 a healthy and fit year .   You do the Same !

Our Christmas Card 2011.