Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Laced up the shoes!

Went for a great walk around Bellevue tonight after work , 50 minutes and it felt great. Icing the foot now due to some swelling , but the walk was so good for my mind.

Monday, September 17, 2012


have I mentioned how horrible this ingredient is ?   Maltodexterin is something that is used as a flavor enhancer, But it is in ALOT of things. earlier this year after two years of wondering what was wrong with my stomach , I finally made the connection with this ingredient.  the problem is, it is in so many things , it makes it hard to eat anything that doesnt just come from the ground. and everytime I figure out what I can eat , I then have something that has it in it and I never kn ew. For example , my favorite Special K Cracker chips, Its in two flavors, but not the others . Almonds, its  in most almonds that have flavor, but not plain old yucky ones. its in Sams cereal. its the first ingredient in SPLENDA , its in sugar free jello, frozen foods  from PF Changs,  and ect , ect, ect .... all I have to have is ONE BITE, and with in 5 minutes I know, and I feel the effects for 24 hours.   its in Crystal light , one flavor does not have it. all the others do. So you see, its not just you stop eating something, cause some things are OK to eat. You have to read EVERY package. I have Alec and Jake who know how bad this thing is for me, check all lables before they buy something for me., ( How great are  they?). 
 Anyway the point of this post ,is to get others to maybe think about it, if you have had major bloating, painful stomach issues that you cant figure out why you have them, maybe you should check the ingredients of what you are eating. I am sure I am not the only one that this effects this way. 

Update on foot

while I have been boot free since Tuesday of last week, I am not pain free, and the swelling is back .  I did workout this morning, and one day last week, but I am not anywhere near being able to do any of this pain free.  I am back to icing every night ( I did make my own ice pack, with 1 parts rubbing alcohol and 3 parts water, put in a ziplock bag and freeze, it is great!)  anyway, my long road of recovery is still going..  heres to a better week!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Boot FREE!

I have been boot free since Tuesday! it has been tender and a bit of swelling at night , but it feels OK through out the day! I am going to lace up my tennis shoes and go for a  walk and maybe work up a sweat tomorrow. SO excited!!!! 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Bone Scan Yesterday ( monday sept 10th)

 I had my bone scan , I dont have results yet, and they said it could be a couple of days. They did ask if I had damaged my right foot as well, I told them about the torn calf muscle, but that the foot wasnt bothering me on the right side. They said it is showing damage, ( WHAT EVER!) and they sent me for an XRAY for the right foot after the scan.   That is all I know. I do know that it is feeling a bit better.  I will keep you posted.