Sunday, January 31, 2010

Running, again!

I know I already posted a post about running , But I wanted to post about my run today. Today I went by myself on a run. I was laying in bed very sad, and very tired. ( My grandfather passed away on Friday) . I was laying there and thought I need to get up and run, just get dressed and go. So I did. I went on the same run that I started on last July, the one that I did the C25K on. The one that I couldnt even run 60 seconds on without stopping. I went 45 minutes without stopping today! I did the loop, and did it again, and then turned around and went backwards so I could hit the hills going up. I just kept going and going and going, I felt like Forest Gump!
I am glad that I did that run alone, it was just me and my music, not really my thoughts, I dont like thinking while I run, I like letting the beat of the music make me go and that is the only thing that I think about while I run.
so if any of you ever think you cant run, think again. YES YOU CAN!


  1. Sorry about your Grandpa. Mine passed away May 31, 2009. It seems like he was just here yesterday! I'm glad you found some peace in a sorrowful time. My thoughts are with you.