Sunday, August 15, 2010

Last week :)

Its been a week. and the next few ones dont seem to look any better. I am working more hours at work ,and still getting in all my workouts. I will be having 12 hour days with gym time too. It will be hard, and take alot of planning of my food so I always have something and am not eating out of complete starvation which leads to bad choices. Anyway,
I want everyone to know that I have given my scale to my son and told him to hide it till friday morning. I have been driving myself crazy with it, and I think I need a break of it. I know I am doing all the right things with the food, the scale just isnt moving. Makes me crazy, so its time it goes away. Will I weigh less on Friday when I get on it, Who knows, but at least I wont go crazy all week, lol
I tried on a pair of shorts Friday morning , size 8 , a little baggy, so I went back and got the 6 , tried those on. A bit snug but they buttoned and zipped. I didnt buy them, but hello .. a size 6??? That would make me happy, not what the scale says, but for a size 6 to fit me.

Today I wore a bathing suit out in public and wasnt the least bit uncomfortable. FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE . WOW, that was a very AH HA moment for me , I want everyone to have the same feeling , it was very freeing, and I know I would have never felt this way without all the hard work I have done. I sat there on the beach alone waiting for Scott and Sam, and I enjoyed the moment . I wasnt embarrassed cause I was alone, ( in the past I would have been) I didnt mind when men looked and smiled, I smiled back. IT was very nice. Feeling the way I felt.

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