Saturday, August 7, 2010

9.2 miles

took was 106 minutes, or 1 hour 46 minutes. or 6,360 seconds. that isnt too long.. right? 9.2 miles, less than 4 more and I would have finished my half . it wasnt the fastest run, let me break down all that slowed us down this morning:
we hadnt had a long run together since the weekend BEFORE the 22nd of July, not sure what that one was exactly, but we did 8.5 miles that weekend then next weekend I did 6 on saturday am with Angela, then 5 on Monday with Tanna, then I took a break cause of my foot/ankle. I have been nursing it since then. yesterday was the first day it felt really great.
So it had been a while
We were taking it slow cause my my foot, and her hip ( she hurt it a few weeks ago doing weights), This AM I got my monthly gift, ( a week early ) and I had some major cramps from that. and also for some odd reason, I was in the bathroom all morning with tummy pains. And to top it all off, it was raining.
But we went anyway. Cause we HAD TO . I stopped at the store before we met for some pepto, and kept my fingers crossed that I wouldnt need a bathroom. And I was fine.
My foot was ok, and Jenn worked thru her hip pain, at about 4 miles she figured out how to run without it hurting too much. some parts of the trail were covered by trees, and some parts wide open, so we got rained on alot
Mile 7 I hate. my knees gets tight, and my quads want to freeze up, its a bitch to get thru, usually about mile 8 I am thru it, but with less than a mile to go I remember telling Jenn I hurt from my hips to my toes. lol Sounds lovely huh? so far so good. We are so far ahead on our training, we feel pretty good about it !
Cant wait for a 10 mile run!

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