Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Matt Hoover !

I love him. I truly do, and not in romantic sort of way, but in a , he is such a good man, who really really enjoys speaking and sharing his journey, and inspiring others. He shares the good, the bad and the ugly, and he makes you laugh, and you can completely relate to just about everything he says.
He came to my work to speak to us on Tuesday. He was going to speak for 30 mins and he spoke for 75 mins. He answered questions, and he took pictures with all of us that wanted to take them. He said so many things that made sense to me, including, and this is a very big one, when you say goodbye to your old , unhealthy lifestyle, you also end up saying goodbye to those friends who want you to stay unhealthy , cause that is what you did with them ( drinking, eating , a whole lot of nothing,) But along the journey of getting healthy you make new friends ( Ha I feel like I am in high school) who have the same interests as you, and enjoy the same healthy activities that you do. ( in a nut shell, that is what he said) I have had a hard time with this , and I have felt bad about it, but its so true, and I need to feel ok about it.
I have alot of new friends, and its no coincidence that all my new friends are very involved in fitness. And its ok to have new friends, cause you want to surround yourself with people that make you feel good, and share your interests.
Pictured with me below is one of my new friends, who has lost 91 pounds, and is studying to become a personal trainer. I love her, she is so wonderful ! And can I just say that I love that Matt comes with his life size before picture?? I want one of those!

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