Sunday, August 29, 2010

I have been having a pity party

It has been a most frustrating week.
Did I mention in the post below about my 9+ mile run last Saturday, and how at mile 3, the pain in my knee started, and by the end of the run, was killing me ( IT BAND ) well all week it was still killing me, not getting any better, I have gone thru a bunch advil , and a couple of pain killers. I didnt run all week, But went out Saturday AM by myself to see what I could do. 6 minutes is what I could do before the pain started. I ended up running only 2 miles on and off, run, then walk. it sucked . I am very very concerned about it, I dont know what to do to make it better. I have been using a foam roller ( which kills by the way) and I have been stretching tons. I dont know what else to do .
On Top of that, I am getting a tad annoyed with the fact that I cant drop these last 9 pounds . I looked back at my food diary, and the last time I lost weight was about the same time I started eating so much fruit. I know people may think its crazy that I am even connecting the two, but I was eating alot of fruit. and Fruit has alot of sugar, regardless of the whole Natural sugar nonsense, its still sugar. and carbs. So starting last WED, I stopped eating any fruit. I am willing to not eat fruit for a couple of weeks to see if that helps any. I am trying to keep my sugars real low, ( below 15 has been my goal) I am not going all crazy over no carbs, but I have cut them back too. I will let you know if anything works in my favor :)
I hope my leg gets better soon, I am getting concerned about the half marathon coming up in OCT.

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