Sunday, February 20, 2011

Its AMAZING what your body is telling you

when you actually listen to it!

I have been having tummy issues. bloated and bubbly, after lunch usually, so I cut out yogurt, and that helped, then I must have added something else in cause it started up again. So I just suffer with it every day after lunch.... or sometimes its after breakfast. But it wasnt till yesterday when I didnt eat too much cause I wasnt feeling well, that I figured out what was causing me to feel ( and sometimes look) 6 months pregnant, it was PEPPERS!!! my love of all things, can add it to every meal and make it better, little sweet bell peppers. I love them , but guess what, they do NOT love me. SAD, super super SAD over this discovery. I love them, they have a crunchy sweet thing that I love about them .
the point is, 2 years ago I would have never even thought that if something was wrong with my tummy, that it was something I ate, I just never listened to my body before, but now, it talks, and I LISTEN, and guess what, when you are not putting all that crap in your body , you can pinpoint what is causing the issue pretty fast. Listen to your body, it really is trying to tell you what it needs.

I leave you with a thought that I think of often. before, when I weighed 330 pounds , everything was hard to do, EVERYTHING, even, the simplest task of rolling over in bed, that was hard to do, it required effort, and it was hard. I remember when it was no longer effort to roll over, and I can recall when it no longer woke me up in the middle of the night. My body was speaking to me, 'hi Tami, rolling over in bed should not be an effort, lose some weight girlfriend, you will sleep better' .... So glad I listened to it :)

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