Saturday, March 12, 2011


A Big Giant Thank you goes out to my dear Friend Maegan, She has been working on this little gem for me for my Birthday. I love it!

There is a contest at the trainers desk at the gym, for men and ladies, who can do the most push ups, and hold the longest plank. I did the push up challenge the other night before boot camp, I did 50 on my toe push ups ! I was in first place with the ladies and tied with the men . I had no clue if I could do 50, the most I had done was 38 then I got really sick and didnt workout for almost a week, but my goal had been to complete the 50 by the end of Feb. I was thrilled to do it!

See pictures above! I have since been beaten, some crazy lady did 70 pushups! WOW , dont know who she is, but we are pretty sure she isnt human.

Awesome weekend planned, Birthday weekend! Actual day isnt till WED, but I have some birthday plans this weekend, and spending time with my boys.

Everyone have a good Weekend!

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