Sunday, August 7, 2011

yeah for A Sunday run!

and I hope to make it a Monday an Tuesday run too!

I ran today for the first time in over 3 weeks, due to injuries. I was happy to get out again, i was slacking in cardio time and it is showing, big time, in the clothes, and on the scale. I cant relay on just keeping the calories in check, I have to get the workouts in too. The back being hurt kept me from working out for a week, I never went that long before.

I am shooting for 10 hours of workouts this week. I have 3 hours planned for tomorrow, and have over an hour in today, so the rest of the week should be a piece of cake! Tomorrow I am going for a run , taking a class at the gym, teaching a class, then weights with some girls. 2 plus hours on Thursdays , always, ( two classes) 1 hour wed, ( class) and some added cardio. this will be easy.

I got new batteries in my Heart Rate Monitor today , so I am going to start wearing that again. Knowing exactly how many calories I burn is key for me.

I ALSO got new running shoes :) love them .

I am done feeling flubby, I need to feel more fit... :) Have a happy healthy week!

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