Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Totally Blog Worthy Day!

Today is Sam's 9th Birthday. My baby is 9 ! So crazy how the time goes so fast. Scott and Sam and I went to Family Fun Center in Tukwila. And we did it all, mini golf, go karts, bumper boats, giant sling shot , laser tag, ( My Team won, and I had the highest score, oh yeah) and bumper boats again. I can honestly say, that had this been 3 years ago, I would have only played mini golf, and I would not have done any other thing because of my weight. I couldnt have done most of those things before due to the weight limit on them ( the sling shot had a weight limit of 220 lbs, AND you have to get on a scale so they know how much you weigh) . I was reminded today of how much of a gift I gave myself and my family, just from losing weight. How amazing is that? I know this is not the most attractive picture of me, or the best ( husband is not fabulous with the camera) But it was just so super fun to jump so high! I did not do any flips, too chicken for that, one time I bounce off the trampoline, so after that , I was a little more careful.

After we left FFC, we went to dairy Queen, I got a childs cone, and it was still 170 calories. I also got a nutrition menu in cause I ever want to splurge I can splurge with knowledge.

So now for my other blog worthy news. I knew I had to go for a run today, I had made a goal to workout for 10 hours this week, and if I didnt go tonight it was really going to set me back. I even got dressed to run, CHANGED back out of my running clothes, and had said to myself I Linkwasnt going to go. then I entered my food into my diary on MFP and saw where I was, still under my goal, but didnt have alot of wiggle room for dinner, and I was pretty high in carbs, ( fruit, pancakes, ect) Then I logged onto my Facebook Page And I read a comment from
Jena and she said:

I just really want you to know that you help me keep my head in the game! Thank YOU! ♥"

And I thought well, She just motivated me to get my ass out for a run tonight, and I got off the computer, went back upstairs and changed BACK into my running clothes, and went out. For 67 minutes. (I forgot that I was getting a cold and I wondered why it was sucking so bad then I remembered.) OH well,

I kept going.

So for as much as I motivate others , Jena, you motivated me tonight!! Thank you for your words!

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  1. FABULOUS! I am so proud of you too! and I'm glad you enjoy yourself!