Saturday, August 27, 2011

Pics From the Wedding 8-26-11

It was simply the prettiest night in Seattle for a wedding. 80 degrees at 6 pm, sun shinning, the bride was beautiful, the groom was handsome, it was just perfect. And they seemed to fully enjoy themselves. After the vows, the all danced back down the isle. it was fun and totally fit them.

This wedding was for Scott's co-worker, (Scott has known Chuckie since he, Chuckie, was 13 years old). It was a big deal to me that I looked good for this wedding. As I said in the previous post, Scott's Co-workers knew me when I was fat ( yes, I say that) so anytime we have a function with them, I always make sure I look my best. Scott's Boss, who also happens to be Chuckies dad, told me " You look gorgeous , Tami" . Mission accomplished.

Scott had told me last week that I would be the hottest chick there ( next to the bride) , and last night when I was walking towards him he told me " You look like a movie star" And later he said, " what did I tell you, You are the hottest one here" <3 He is never short on compliments.

Onto my reset button that I hit last week, I feel renewed, and wonderful. my body is happy I hit it and responding nicely. my scale is exactly where it belongs, back to my lowest , and I will be happy when I lose a few more. I want a flat stomach, I do, I am not gonna lie, And I will keep going till it is flat. I really think it will only take a few pounds.

And I am leaving you with what Alec, Brett, Jake and I are doing next Saturday. We are climbing the REI Rock wall, I am so excited to do this with them, a little nervous, but I cant wait to do this with the boys!!

Have A Happy Healthy Week!!

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  1. I just found your blog - after seeing you in the Group Health magazine. You are so motivating!! I haven't explored your blog a whole lot yet, but do you link to what you eat during the day and what exercises you do?