Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Reset button

I totally hit mine on Sunday.. Did you know you had one to? We all do, and sometimes you just need to find it !

I have come to the conclusion that summers are my killer. Last summer I didnt lose for the entire summer, I totally blamed it on fruit ( I am blaming this summer on fruit as well, and the drinks) I love fruit, but like many of us, I sometimes think cause its fruit , I can eat as much as I want. So not true, and even when I stay within my calorie goal for the day, my carbs and sugar, ( as 'natural' as it may be) are out of control. And my body is not a fan. This summer I have struggled with 5 pounds, I gain I lose I gain I lose. Every week. and I hate it . I dont want to be there, always thinking about it. I know I what I need to do.

So I have nixed it all, expect berries, cause they are the best and they are great in my greek yogurt.

I already feel wonderful and totally as if I found and hit my "reset button"

Just in time for a big wedding this Friday for Scott's co worker. I want to look amazing , I really enjoy "wowing" all the men that Scott works with, they all knew me before the weight loss, so I totally enjoy wowing them.

Have a Happy and Healthy Week! I will post pics this weekend from the wedding .


  1. I totally agree-summer is harder than I expect. It seems like it should be easier with the good weather, more daylight etc. I too struggle if I eat too much fruit. I was very surprised when I heard Weight Watchers was now allowing fruit as much as one wants. The natural sugars seriously affect peoples insulin levels which in turn affects weight. Sugar and starches are serious diet busters! Good job on the reset!

  2. Yes Rosie, I felt the same way about WW. I am thankful that I have learned so much about food, and what it does to my body... Thank you for the comment :)