Thursday, May 19, 2011

Super Fun times!

I have been really busy, BUT I was able to have today off, and that was fabulous! The Sun was shining and it was a perfect day for a photo shoot!!! I met up with the editor and the photographer for the grouphealth magazine for the photo for my story. This will come out in the July/summer issue. It was done on the Soos Creek trail (where I love to run), and it was a picture of me, running. :) they had me run and run the same spot over and over again, he would snap some pics, look at them on his computer, and make whatever changes he needed to my , or his, location. We had to wait from time to time for the bikers or runners to pass by, it took about 45 minutes total. it was so fun watching him get all excited when he would see the perfect shot. They of course wanted me to smile and not serious, and would say " 10 % happier on the next try" lol. it was cute. I totally enjoyed and loved the pictures that they took. He got the perfect one and asked for an insurance one, and he got an even more perfect one. He loved the light, the bounce in my hair, the smile. TOO MUCH FUN!!!

So here is a picture that Scott took of me before I left for the shoot. I may get to see the ones they took, I am not sure, before it is published. Oh, and did I mention I will be the centerfold?? lol I told Scott how great is that for him, that he can say he is married to a centerfold . ;)

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