Sunday, May 15, 2011

Long time no blog!

Crazy Busy.
That is my life these days. I sometimes wonder when it will slow down. I think I need it to slow down. Where I am at now, my weekends are for full recovery from my week, and also to get things down, errands run, spend time with family, ect... I would love to catch up on sleep, and I would love to have some time to spend with friends. I have had nothing as of late. I also spend any free time I have on the weekends planning out new workouts for the following week. Any idea how time consuming that is? and then to watch all these on demand workouts and they are all the same thing over and over again. it sucks. lol This past weekend I also had to address Jake's Graduation Announcments, I will be mailing them out this week. I am super excited for him, and super sad for me. lol

and my butt is getting big. I dont mean fat, I mean big, round. which is better than what it was, FLAT, but sometimes I catch a glimpse of it in the mirror and I do a double take wondering what is following me back there . :) Seriously though, how can it not with all the squats and lunges I do. I seriously can not how many I do, but it is for sure 500 + a week.

I have a photo shoot for GroupHealth Magazine coming up, it was going to be today, but it got postponed till THURSDAY due to this awesome weather we have been having here in the Pacific NorthWest. Awesome I tell you.

I hope everyone had a fun and fit week, and you did something wonderful for yourself!

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