Saturday, April 30, 2011

A,B,C,s of Tami

I stole this from a cycle persons blog, I thought it would be a fun way to get to know me ! Enjoy!

A. Age, 41
B.Bedtime : anytime between 11pm and midnight
C. Cereal: when I eat it, Kashi Go Lean , high protein ( red box)
D.Dinner : usually chicken and whatever veggie I am eating at the moment
E.Energy. Yes TONS!!!!!
F.Fun, Flirty ( Scott agrees)
G. Girly Girl, everyday, in everything I do, I am a girly girl
J. Jobs: Full time at the Scrapbook Nook, teacher at the SBN, and group fitness instructor.
K.Kids, Yes, 4 Sons, 22,20,18, and 9 ( this year)
L.Lives in: Covington WA
M.Married: Yes, to Scott, 10 years this OCT
N.Not one day goes by that I do not remember how far I have come. I will never forget .
O.Operations: yes, carpal tunnel surgery, both hands, two others as well.
P.Pet Peeves: the noise of the forks or spoons hitting the plate, people who park in handicapped spots when they are not. people who are late.
Q. Quotes : "You CAN do it, You DO have the time , and You ARE worth it"
R. RED SOX.. love love love.
S.siblings : two older sisters
T.time I wake up : 6:30 am, even when I dont have to :(
U. underwear: Yes, I wear it, no, I have not found one that I love to wear to the gym, YET.
V. Veggies, I use to hate them, now I love SOME of them . Favorites, Broccoli, raw carrots, green beans, cucumbers, sugar snap peas, corn, all peppers.
W. Weight Lost, 188 pounds
X. xrays : pretty much every part of my body!
Y. Year I took my life back. 2008
Z. Zoo animal, FAVORITE : monkeys, I love how they swing all over the place like its nothing.


  1. O.Operations: yes, carpal tunnel surgery, both hands, two others as well.

    How many hands do you have Tami :)

    Very interesting!!


  2. Very clever, I might have to do this. Do you post any of your scrapbooking creations?