Sunday, January 30, 2011

Simply Become who you are.

Simply Become who you are, and remember from where you came. Become more than anyone dreamed, and be an inspiration to many.

I was cleaning my scraproom today and came across this saying on the front of a mini- book that I had made in 2007. It was a class that I took from Lisa Bearnson AT CK convention in Bellevue WA. This saying is on the cover of the book, the book that I never filled. At the time I thought it was silly, 'I am not an inspiration to anyone, I cant fill this book'. And so, like many projects we scrappers make in classes, it sat untouched. For Over 3 years. I cant wait to fill this book now!!!

This was perfect for me to find today, absolutely perfect. If ever I questioned if things happen for a reason, this would nip that in the bud. I found this book today for a reason.

I have been asked why I am so public about my weight loss, Why would anyone want to share such a personal thing about themselves? And How could I ever say out loud that I once weighed 330 pounds ? ( I was not asked that question , but I know it has been thought) . And while I was thinking about all of this this past week , I was approached daily by people who had read my blog ( thank you ) watched my show , or had heard about me, and wanted to let me know what an inspiration I was to them. Many, but not all, of these ladies have weight issues, and all of them are doing something to make themselves more healthy. they tell me what they are doing, how their husbands are changing too, They love telling me how they are taking baby steps towards a healthier life. They related to my blog, or my story, they come to my classes at the gym and want to talk to me afterwards about me, about themselves, they want to pick my brain about things ( loose skin, is it an issue? food, calories, exercise, how hard it all is ) But most of all they just like that I am real. I am a real person that has done something that so many consider impossible to do. ( And I tell it like it is. ) They think that is this ordinary 40 year old lady can do it, than I can to.
Think about how hard it is to lose 20, 40, 80 pounds. And think about how daunting it is to lose those pounds. Now think about someone who has 120 , 140 , 180 pounds to lose. Imagine for one moment how that person must feel. Hopeless, that is how they feel, like its a completely impossible task , something that they can not tackle. Think about how shameful it is to be overweight, not just overweight, but morbidly obese. There is shame in everything you do when you are that large. From shopping for clothes, to have a romantic relationship, to just going out in public, and to the worst part, eating in front of others. And seriously, its no secret that you eat, cause that is clear that you eat , way too much in fact. You wake up everyday and are reminded of how your weight has gotten so out of hand and how it effects every aspect of your life, with everything you do, you are reminded of that.

If , by me being so public and so open , and so willing to talk about where I have been, can help just ONE person , Then it makes it all worth it. If I can help one person that feels the way I use to feel, feel as wonderful as I feel now, than its all worth it.

I will never question if being so open was/is the right thing to do, I know it is. It may not be what is right for others, but this is my journey, and no-one needs to understand it, but me. <3


  1. Thankfully, more days than not, I know that I can do it too. But on those days where I have trouble keeping those deep down doubts at bay, I have only to think of you Tami. then I remember that it can be done and I can do it too. Thank you sharing your journey! --darkrider42

  2. Thank you for being so open about your journey, Tami. You have helped me realize that I can lose my 120 lbs as well....and finally reach my goal weight as well. It doesn't feel like an impossible battle anymore now that I have you to look up to. :) ~Bayoubabie98 (Angela)

  3. Thanks for sharing Tami, I really do appreciate your honesty. I love the "Tell it like it is" aspect of your story.



  4. David, Angela, and Stu, You guys are awesome, Thank you for your comments, here, and on MFP , all the time, You guys keep me going , AND keep me honest. LOL @ Stu, I tell it like it is, maybe too often. :)

  5. Never too often Tami, not with such an important issue like ones health :)