Sunday, February 6, 2011

I love being little

Little. Never , EVAH, ( said in my best Boston Accent) did I evah think I would be little. And when I say little, I mean for me. cause I know that by no means am I little, there are tiny people out there( my good friend Blair, is tiny, super cute and adorable and I love her regardless ) but I am tiny, for my once size 28 , 330 pound body, this size 6, 143 pound person is tiny. And I love it. I love the way I look in clothes, ( naked, not so much, but that is a whole 'nother story) I love my tiny shoulders. I love my little fingers, never have I ever had little fingers. I have bones, I can see and feel.

If ever I questioned if I want to work out 4 or more times a week for the rest of my forevah, I just need to look in the mirror and I will be reminded that Yes, I in fact do. Cause I love the way I feel, I love the way I look, I love that I can do anything I set my mind to ( 50, on my toe consecutive pushups, here I come) , I love my life. a little over 2 years ago I dont think I could have said, I love my life. How sad is that???

Keep doing what your doing, you will love your results, you will love feeling better and you will love seeing what each day brings you. You will just love you. And there is nothing better . You will love everyone and everything more when you love yourself. That is a fact.


  1. We love you too... You're our "hero", our inspiration to stay with the program and our motivating force to be kinder to our precious body, especially our heart. Some of us are saying NO to our former self-destructive lifestyle. Thanks for sharing, Tami. You're the best of the very best.

  2. I need to print this post out so I can remind myself everyday when the alarm goes off the workouts are worth it. Thank you for the motivation.

  3. thank you both , :) Terry, you are so welcome <3

  4. I remember when I discovered my clavicle for the first time ... I was like, "I can see my clavicle! That's so cool!" My husband tells me to call it a collar bone, but clavicle sounds so much cooler. He doesn't entirely get the feeling, but I have another friend who's losing weight as well, and we've agreed that there's a lot of clavicle love going on. I'm sure you can relate. :-)

    By no means do I want to be bony, but it's so great ... I can feel my hip bones when I'm laying down, and I can see my clavicle! Win!

  5. Tami,

    I couldn't agree more with you! I love everyone & everything so much more now that I'm loving myself! I can honestly say I have never been happier in my life. I LOVE my collar bones, I love that I have wrist bones, and I also love feeling my ribs & hip bones when I get in bed each night! Such an amazing, yet silly thing, but I love it! And I love MYSELF! Thanks so much for your inspiration, Tami!


  6. I just found your page today and i'm now a follower!! I have been doing MFP since the beginning of the year. This week I should hit a loss of 50lbs! I'm going strong and you are an inspiration. I weighed 314 when I started. Thanks so much!!