Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Newday Northwest Show


IT WAS SUPER FUN!!!! They were so nice, what a fun time I had. I was all good and not nervous, not too much, until I walked out there and sat down on the chair, Then I wanted to throw up right there at Margaret's feet. OH MY GOODNESS. I looked out and saw Alec and Jake and Angela sitting there and they made me want to cry. So good having them there and having their support. We sat in the audience through out the whole show, then they came and got Alec Jake and I and went in the back and got our non shine makeup on. Then Alec and Jake went back out and sat down, I stayed in the back till my segment. Like I said, I was fine till I went on, I was chatting with one of the guests that had been on before me and I was doing great. Then I went out and she asked me some questions that were on the list, but not all. So I was kind of thrown. But who knows if I would have been any better if I had known every question she would ask and I had every answer planned out. Cause once you throw emotions into play, it all goes to heck. lol IT was a great and amazing time. Loved it!!

I got an email after the show aired from a lady who said she weighs about where I started out, and was making cookies and eating cookie dough when I came on and she saw my segment. She threw the cookie dough out , and was saving the rest of the made cookies for her kids. SEE!!! That IS EXACTLY why I share my journey, to touch others, and help inspire others. YEAH, she made my day !

I am having issues again with uploading pictures, I will try to add them in the morning. In the meantime, enjoy the link!
UPDATE Pics are now up, I had to make them small for them to go. Whatever. ;)
First pic os Angela and I outside of the green room, Alec Jake and I before the show, and Angela, Margaret and I after the show !



  1. Just watched your videos clips from both of your appearances on Newday and Joy Fit Club, you are truly inspiring! I'm just starting my weight loss journey -- again, and I hope I can have the same amazing results! Way to go!!!

  2. My favorite part of your post was when the lady threw out the cookie dough and your excitement in helping to motivate someone else!