Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Day Northwest!!

Do NOT forget to tune in to watch me on King 5's New Day Northwest on Tuesday Jan, 11th, at 11 am. For those of you that are not located in the PNW, the clip will be available to see within 24 hours after the show airs. ( I will post a link here and on FB) . I am super excited to do the show ! I talked to Bekky ( the producer) on Friday for about 30 mins, so nice to finally talk to her, we have been emailing since November!
Also, I really want to go into a bit more detail about my speaking the other night. The Ladies at the church were wonderful. I am super bummed I didnt remember my camera, I will for sure this week when I speak at my Co-workers Church. I only hope the ladies on WED night will be as warm, welcoming, and open as the ladies were last week. I spoke of my fear of being judged , because we, as woman, and a society, judge people. I know its true, I do it , I did it. I will admit that about myself, and I have a fear of being judged, I had hope the ladies wouldnt judge how I lived my life for 20 years. As an obese wife, mother, person. But I didnt get the feeling that they did, and in fact, if they did, I didnt notice , and I will take that :)
I am meeting with Susan on Saturday so we can talk about my becoming a personal trainer, she is one herself, and owner of a Yoga Studio , and wants me to come work in her studio and help overweight ladies become healthy. I want to do this more than anything, I want to bring my experiences of the journey from unhealthy to healthy with me and help others become healthy. I have been there, done that, and want to do whatever I can to help others feel as good as I feel. And getting paid for it and turning it into a career, YES PLEASE!

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  1. I saw you on New Day NW yesterday. I too, live in Kent and want to change my weight - I'm 5'9" and weigh 365. Horrifying. Painful. Humiliating. My knees are bad, so cannot walk for exercise - Dr said I can swim/water aerobics or cycle. What were your particular challenges starting out and how did you overcome them? I feel like if I can just get on a roll, that nothing will be able to stop you said, it's the mental stuff that tries to trip you up.