Saturday, January 15, 2011


While Angela and I have been talking about it alot lately, I havent talked about it here. Being honest with ourselves . I have been honest with myself mostly, for the last two years. I do not think you can really do what I have done without taking a good long honest look at yourself, and stay true to yourself . About 3 months into my journey I had a BIG realization . I was faced with cookie dough, and I thought, " You could eat this piece of cookie dough and no one would ever know" then I thought " WHOA You stupid #*%@! , YOU KNOW!!!!" WOW , that was a moment of honesty that I will remember forever, That was when I was being honest with me, myself, and I. Truly the one person that mattered most in this journey.

Honestly comes in many forms in this diet and exercise way of life, it comes in when you measure your food, and log your food. Did you level out that tablespoon, cup, whatever it is, or is it heaping over?? Guess what ?? That heaping over adds calories that you are not accounting for. Not leveling off your tablespoon of peanut butter, you probable added about 25% more calories, and while that really isnt a big deal for that one time, it is when it adds up over a day/week. Are you honest with what you log / write down what you are eating?? you are kidding no one here but yourself. Even if you eat over, WRITE IT DOWN, this is HUGE , you can see what you are doing , HUGE deal. When you are not getting the results you want, you can look at your food diary and see why not.

It comes in when you are on the treadmill, are you walking , out for a sunday stroll, put in 30 mins and think you had a good workout ?? Cause you what, You probably didnt. Sure, you got on the treadmill and did some walking, but did you really push yourself?? THAT is what is gonna get results. pushing yourself, making yourself uncomfortable, not hanging out reading a book, or texting, or on your phone. Unless you have an injury which keeps you from pushing yourself, you have no reason not to. Be honest with what you put in at the gym.

So back to being honest to myself, I know that this is going to be a tough year, maintenance I mean. not that I think I will eat too much, But just the opposite, I think I wont eat enough. I am scared to add more calories back in, I am working very hard on doing it , but it is tough. Also trying to work out only 4 days a week instead of 5. Again hard to do. But, I am working on it. Today I had time to go to the gym, it would have been day 5, it took a LOT for me to not go. I even had my gym bag ready to go in the car. I kept telling myself it was ok not to go..... I didnt go.

I am going tomorrow.

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  1. I do find that being honest with yourself on what exactly you are eating is tough, when the habit is to constantly eat. I have found that it is the best thing to do and the only way to find the results you are looking for, when you stick to your calories.