Thursday, October 7, 2010

Did you see that?

did you see that my ticker MOVED!! and not just a little, it moved BIG TIME! 6 more pounds BABY!!! And another size 6 jeans slid on this morning ... just saying.
Last week someone asked me " do you see yourself as someone who has lost 178 pounds, or someone who has 7 pounds to still lose?"
Good Question... Made me think. didnt want to think, not about that. But I did. and honestly, I see myself as someone who has 7 pounds to lose ( well 6 now ), and not the 178 that I have lost. NOT that what I have done is any small feat, cause I know its pretty frickin amazing , its AH MA ZING , but I am not at the goal that I Set, and right now that is what I am focused on , reaching my goal. So yes, I see myself as someone who still has 6 pounds to go. When I hit my goal weight , and I have lost 185 pounds, I will then look at myself as someone who is maintaining her 185 pound weight loss, and wakes up every day KNOWING what I have done is AH MA ZING, and feel AMAZING, and is happy , every day I wake up happy, how awesome is that? Life is good .

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