Sunday, October 24, 2010

12 hour workout challange complete!!!

Angela and I thought it would be "fun" to workout 12 hours this weekend, 6 hours both days. We thought it would be a challenge that we could see 1, how many calories we could burn, and 2, what our bodies could endure, she also got her co-worker Tyler, and her friend Brenda to join us.

We burned over 4700 calories in the two days, and our bodies endured the following : 2 hours of spin class, 2 hours of bootcamp 2 hours of cardio machines, 8 miles of walking/ running, 1 hour of pilates, 1 hour of yoga, 30 mins of swimming, 1 hour of weight training, over the two days.
We were all wiped out the first day, I crashed by 9 pm, and when my husband came home around 8 pm he said I looked like crap ( tired) we didnt drink gatorade or anything like that till late in the day on SAT, big mistake, headache big time. Also forgot our Advil. not too sore Sunday AM, but I felt it for sure. Sunday was much better. We were tired on Sunday, burned less calories, and were ready to leave the gym , BIG TIME. The weather was CRAP, we were planning a 90 minute hike at the end of Sunday, and had to do a walk/run cause the rain and wind was so bad we couldnt hike. tyler complained about the lunges in bootcamp, so I made him do more, I can do lunges till the cows come home, so those didnt hurt me :) Brenda who is in AMAZING shape, was sore as heck today, when you do things you dont normally do, your body takes notice. I am sore tonight, my butt hurts.....
We ate the whole time, and drank gallons of water. IT was awesome to finish what we set out to do.

FYI, my " if every day were like today " on my fitness pal said I would lose over 25 pounds in 5 weeks. So there ya go, 5 pounds a week, this is how the biggest loser people do it!

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