Saturday, October 30, 2010

I posted on My fitness pal the pictures below

My before picture,and My current picture :and while I was posting these pictures to compare my 181 pound weight loss, it made me very VERY sad when I looked at the two photos.
( And dont ask me WHY this is all underlined and in blue, that was not my intention, but, to be honest, I dont care enough to figure out why so we will all have to deal with it )
Anyway, OHH look , its gone! :)
anyway. Back to me being very sad, cause after all , this is my blog and its all about me :)
I looked at the picture, looked at my face, looked at my neck, my arms , my BOOBS , my stomach, my EVERYTHING. and I am sad that THAT WAS ME. and that I let myself become that. LOOK at those two pictures, can you believe its the same person? cause I cant and it is ME!!! So I can understand if you are thinking the same thing.

This weight loss is so mental, and the closer I get to my goal ( hello, did you see my ticker, do you see that I am 4 POUNDS AWAY?) I am having a harder and harder time with the mental stuff.... We wont talk about that.

What we WILL talk about is:

I am getting my going to be cycle instructor certified !!! I am also going to be teaching Bootcamp at LA Fitness! starting in less than 2 weeks ( if all goes as planned). I cant wait to share my passion for fitness with others! AND to get paid while doing so, how great is that? HELLO!!!! :)

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