Sunday, July 11, 2010

It was a good week

this past week was very good. From Monday - Sunday, I lost 3.5 pounds, bringing my total of pounds to go to 10.5! that is crazy!!
I also got TWO pairs of size 8 capri's from Kohls this week! SIZE 8! can you believe it? I think that is just about the most amazing thing to happen to me this week. To having gone from a size 28 ( a tight one to be exact ) to a size 8 is just amazing. It has been such a long long journey, and anyone who knows me , knows how hard I have worked to get here. ( I hope they dont think it was a piece of cake ) I am one lucky girl, I get to experience this life almost as if I were two different people , not many people get to say that . I really like the experience from the girl that I am now . it is soo much better being healthy and active , having all the energy in the world to do whatever I want, it is fabulous!
Today I had my LDR with Jenn, we were going for 7.5 miles, but didnt track it till afterwards, it was 8.2 miles. 95 mins it took me to run that. ( I say "me" cause Jenn would be a lot faster without me.) I thought at the end , " ok, just one more hour and that is the 1/2, 5 more miles added to this." I think that is totally doable. right after mile 7 my legs got very tight, but that went away in a few mins. so far all the hurts and the aches have gone away, I am hoping it stays that way :) . But each week there is a new pain, and I am pretty sure that by the time we run this half in October, I will have had a pain in every possible place in my legs .
Did I ever tell that you that if I just smell something I want, that is enough for me and I dont have to eat it? Crazy huh? 99% of the time, that works for me! something like doughnuts , I dont really want to eat them, I am happy with just smelling them. :) you should try it some time, but dont get mad at me if you end up eating it! :)
the week of the 18th is going to be crazy for me working out wise. I have something going on WED, Thurs, and Friday nights that will make it very hard to get my workouts in.I am stressing about that, I will need to figure it out for sure.

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