Thursday, July 15, 2010

So today

I was at ann Taylor Loft, checking out the sales, and I was thrilled to get a wonderful find of a pair of jeans ( long ones) for a total of $10.00 ! Original price was 59.99 . thank you very much for the deal of the day! Anyway, The lady and I were talking about weight loss, and how I was very happy to buy those jeans in a size 8 petite , considering I use to be a size 28. We talked about how I did it, and all that, but most of all we talked about how I just want to help every overweight person in realizing that they do not need to stay overweight, that there is HOPE.
I have thought about that so much lately, I feel like I can see how hopeless they feel, and I can see it , cause that use to be me. I get it, I understand how they feel, even more so for the ones that have alot to use. And I want them to know that they dont have to wait for that magic pill , or that weight loss surgery is their only hope, I want them to know that the time is going to go by anyway, so even though its going to take a LONG time, they have nothing to lose but the weight. Start TODAY, you wont be sorry you did. I want EVERYONE to feel as wonderful as I do!
how can I get that thru to them? its not like I can walk up to all the overweight people I see and tell them , " Hey , You dont have to stay fat ya know, you can lose weight too!" lol, I would have freaked if someone said that to me. So how do I get them to hear me without me saying anything like that?
I still have yet to figure it out.


  1. I feel the exact same way, so much in fact that I've almost considered a career change to something related to weight loss or fitness!

  2. Write a book! Include exercises that you did to help you and it can also include recipes. You can fill it with motivation and goodness! :)