Saturday, July 3, 2010

23 miles this week

that is what I Ran.
7 sunday, 3 monday,2 tuesday,2thursday,2 friday, and 7 Saturday.

Somewhere in all that running I talked myself into running a 1/2 marathon on 10-10-10 in Victoria BC.!
Right at the very moment, I am beyond excited to do it! talk to me about it when I am running 10+ miles at once.
I dont have a goal time in mind yet, but I still have time to get one.

Todays 7 mile run was amazing. It felt so good, the whole thing felt so good, hills and all. at one point I was thinking " this is pretty easy, I feel pretty good" and Jenn says to me " This is pretty easy Tami!" I know!! we both were thinking how much easier it was than the last time we ran that route.

Last month ( June) I lost 4 pounds, and some inches. 4 pounds in 4 weeks, I will take it. I have 13.5 to go. I gave myself a goal of reaching it by the end of Sept, but now with the marathon training, I am not sure if I will reach it, MANY people say that when your training for a 1/2, you really dont lose weight... we will see.

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