Sunday, June 27, 2010

Great day of running!

This morning I picked up my 18 year old niece and took her for a 4 mile run. She had started right off running faster than me, I told her I run about and 11 min mile. But she ran off in front of me, I let her go, I dont talk on my runs anyway, she would look back and see where I was and keep going. when we got to the 2 mile mark on the trail we turned around, and she was walking, she looked kind of in pain , something not feeling right, she said her shoulders hurt. So anyway, I was running and soon she passed me. it wasnt until we got back to the hill that she was walking, and I passed her, when I got to the top of the hill I looked back and she was still walking, the end of the trail wasnt too far off so I ran to the end and waited for her. I was very proud that I outran my 18 year old niece!
Then this evening after I took Jake to work, I then went out on another run, this time it was 3 miles. My time was the same, I cant seem to get past the 11 min mile , I dont know what it takes to get past it! I felt AMAZING running twice today. Even Brett asked me when I was heading out for the second run " Didnt you already run 4 miles today" I said "yes" he said, " so your running again now, WHY?" I said " Because I want to " .
That is just it, I did it because I can!! I am not sure if anyone really grasps how amazing I feel, I am not even sure I can explain how it feels to be in this body , and experience all that it is capable of doing.

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