Monday, June 14, 2010

Speaking Tuesday Night!!

AACCKKK!!! a little nervous, But as I was writing my speech out , I started feeling a little bit better about it. I have some friends that are coming and I was thinking of scattering them all about so I always have a friendly face to land on when I am looking out at them. :) Good idea, Huh?

I have to say, that when I was getting my poster board together with all my pictures, I got very emotional. I had been gathering all the pics for a while, but it wasnt till I had it all spread out in front of me and I was looking at the timeline of my life that I just broke down in tears. I had spent MY WHOLE life , overweight, I had wasted my whole life being fat. I know that isnt really a good way to look at it, but it was how I felt at the moment. Yes I had lived my life, I have 4 wonderful boys, a man who loves me. But I still felt like I had wasted my whole life being fat. Plain and simple, being overweight made me live my life differently than how I really wanted to.

How can something take that much control away from us? how do we let it, and why do we not notice it is happening when it is happening? And even if we do notice, how come we just accept it? Is it cause the thought of losing so much weight is overwhelming? Do we think we are not worth the change? ( Cause we are!) Hmmm. something to think about .

Ok, It is late, I need to get to sleep so I am well rested tomorrow, But I wanted you to have something to read when you wake up in the morning :)
Here is a pic that most of you probably have seen , but I am posting it here anyway.

Me , inside my old shorts, size 28. WOW!

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