Saturday, June 5, 2010

Do I ever get to where its second nature to eat healthy?

That is what my neighbor Steve asked me today after my run. He was out washing his car, I was limping back from the run. ( I will get back to that limp) . Anyway, He asks me questions all the time about weight loss. He is in his sixties, single, and wants to lose weight. He asks me what I eat , how much I exercise, he is interested, you can see the wheels turning, but he hasnt gotten it into motion yet. Anyway. He today he stopped me as I was passing his house and said " Silly question to ask you Tami, But do you get to the point where you dont have to think about eating healthy, and you just do it" ? yes, I told him, I am at the point where my first choice , is a healthy one. but how I eat today is certainly different than how I did even 1 year ago, 6 months INTO the weight loss. So as we talked, I was saying I wonder if I will get to the point that I wont be frustrated with how slow these last 17 pounds are coming off. ( only lost 3 pounds last month) . I told Steve that, and he said he would be so happy to lose 3 pounds a month, cause that would be 36 pounds in a year! I was so happy that he thought of it like that, GOOD FOR YOU STEVE!!!! But what bugs the HECK out of me is that I am working HARDER than I did a year ago, when I was losing 2 pounds PER WEEK, and eating better than I did then, and I am busting my butt to lose 3 pounds in one month?? I WANT TO BE DONE!!! not so I can stop working out, ( cause I can tell you right now, I am addicted to working out, so I wont be stopping ) and not so I can eat more ( but it will be nice to increase the calories a tad) but so I can stop having it hang over my head. I want to say " I achieved my weight loss goal" and I am now maintaining my weight. I want to say " I have no more weight to lose" for the first time in MY LIFE, I want to be able to say that!! I want to be a size 7/8 and lose these last 17 pounds.

Back to the limp. the moment I started running today I felt a pain in my right hamstring. I kept running, cause often times when I start running, I have some aches and pains. But this one kept going. But so did I. the hills really hurt, and I did stop and walk one of them, I even kind of limped and ran for a while. all the while I kept thinking " when is it not right to push thru the pain" and I kept wondering that, while I kept running. the pain gets worse with each passing hour.

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  1. I guess this is one of the time that you shouldn't of pushed through the pain. That sucks that you had to figure it out this way. Hope you feel better soon!