Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy 21st Birthday Alec

My oldest son is 21. Shocking I know, how can someone as young looking as I , possibly have a son who is 21?? LMAO.. I am kidding. Yes he is 21, but I know how old I am .

anyway, Picture of us from last year and this year. The real shocker is the picture from 2006, but I will have to scan it or something , cause its not on my computer.

Also went out this weekend to see Sex and The city 2. the movie was only so so, but the time before the movie spent with friends was good. 3 cosmos and I didnt overeat , in fact I only went over in my calories because of the 3 cosmos. This picture was taken at the bar , I love this picture, a true smile on my face.

and last but not least, I bought the photo from my run, so here it is without all the copyright written across my body.. lol

OHHH, down another pound. IT took me 1 month to lose 3 pounds, not happy about it, these last 18 pounds are going to be tough. 18 pounds!!! down to the nitty gritty as Scott says....

there is a 12k run on June 12th, still toying with the idea of doing it... I need to get long run in next weekend, that will be when I make up my mind .

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  1. Look at you and your son! <3 You both look amazing! Congrats on another year of him being healthy - and you, too!

    P.S. - Love the run pic! ;)