Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I cant believe I did that, and I didnt freak out! I will totally admit that I took a pill that my DR had given me so I wouldnt be a nervous wreck, and it totally did the trick! I didnt have butterflies at all and I only wanted to cry twice! When I started talking and I was saying the reason why I agreed to public speaking is because I want everyone to feel as wonderful as I feel, and I want them to know, know matter where you are with your weight, anything is possible if you just put your mind to it. That was when I wanted to cry.
Then I went on and on and on, and talked for about 45 mins maybe longer. I could have talked FOREVER!
I know there were things I could have said, and I certainly could have gone into more detail about certain things, but I feel like, and was told so, that I touched on so many points that every woman in the room could relate to me. It was so good!
there are some snippets of video floating out there, it hasnt been sent to me yet, but when it does, I will post it here if I can figure it out :)
So I must go to bed, its been another crazy week for me and I want a normal week, with nothing to do but work and go to the gym at night. Thats all.

but before I go, I really want to say that I am so happy I did it, It was such a good feeling thinking I was helping even just ONE person to get to where they want to put themselves first and change their life. I Love that I was asked to share .


  1. I'm so glad that you did well and ENJOYED it! Yay for you Tami! I want to see that video. Please post if you can! Love the new layout also!!

  2. Good for you, Tami. Your story is absolutely wonderful, and I wish you success in getting the last handful of pounds off. It'll happen.