Sunday, May 16, 2010

Any social impacts you'd care to share? Spouse/friends reaction or challenges with your amazing transformation?

I have had someone ask me this question over the weekend on MYFITNESSPAL there is so much packed into this simple question.

First , my interests and things that I like to do have changed, so naturally , my friends have changed to. I have a couple of really good friends, that havent gone anywhere since my weight loss, but I have more that have gone away since my weight loss. Maybe they got sick of hearing about the gym and my weight loss, maybe they are jealous of me ( As I know some are) maybe they dont like the new more confidant me? whatever it is, they were not my true friends if they cant be happy for me .
( This section was EDITED. Hopefully you read it already!)
As for my spouse??
WOW, that is a loaded question. I honestly and truely do not know how he feels. He says I look great, and I know he means that, when I have new clothes on I can hear it in his voice, he thinks I look amazing, in fact this am, he told me I looked like Jennifer Aniston. LOL I had on a tshirt and a pair of jeans, and he was very happy with what he saw.
But you would think he would be all over me ( ya know what I mean) with this new body, but he is not. That I dont get at all. I am half the woman he married 9 in size I mean), I gave him a new wife , what man wouldnt want that? and not just in the looks/body department, but my overall happiness has gone up 100% . I LOVE LIFE, I love how I feel, I am a different person, but maybe to him I am not a better person? I dont know. He says he is fine with it all, ( I know he is jealous of the thought of other men, I think the gym bothers him the most) but other than that, I really dont know how he feels.

I carry myself differently, I am more confidant, I look people in the eye, I know I look good ( not said in a bitchy way), I know I have changed, so I understand that my relationships will change too. It doesnt mean I like that I have lost relationships, but I understand.


  1. It's funny. To me, you haven't changed at all, size aside. You most certainly seem happier, but you have always come off as confident to me. That was one of things I have always admired about you. You don't mince words. It is very refreshing. :) Your new picture looks amazing by the way. Your hair style is DARLING!

  2. Thank you Maegan, I am glad people didnt know how I really felt. It was exhausting though, LOL
    You are one of the friends I still have! there are a few of you!!