Wednesday, May 19, 2010

2 more days till 10K!

I searched the web tonight for the route of the run, I am dying to know how hilly it is , I found it, but it doesnt show elevation , anyway, here it is . I am so excited!! wondering what to wear, ( such a girl) and how to wear my hair, right now forecast is rain and sun, lol. Normal Seattle weather. race time is at 7 AM!! if I wear a jacket it will end up around my waist, so I dont know . I ran last night, nothing tonight, and working out tomorrow night. The Friday night Jenn and I are going to pick up our race packet in Seattle, then Early to bed for me on Friday night!

So excited, I cant wait for it!!

also had to share, the other day when we went to the zoo, I saw a reflection in one of the windows, two woman walking , for a brief moment, I thought the overweight woman was myself, then I realized I was the smaller one. it was like a "WOW " moment, she looked like I use to look. it was just odd. when will my mind catch up? Will it ever?

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