Sunday, May 2, 2010

A picture is worth A thousand words, or in this case, two pictures.

top pic is 2008, bottom pic was taken last week.
I am not even sure what to say, except, I am so proud of Jake and myself for what we have done.Jake has learned at a early age how to be healthy, he lost 50 pounds last year, and he knows what good food and exercise is all about. So proud of him!

10k is coming up!! 3 weeks!! ran 5 miles today in 58 minutes. 58 mins and only stopped for about 1 min to have GU and a sip of water.ran the nasty hills . I hate hills, the whole time I kept thinking " good for the butt, good for the butt" whatever keeps me going, right?

21 pounds to go!!!

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  1. Fabulous picture! Good luck with your 10K! My first is in a month. I love your "good for butt" mantra. Whatever gets you through!